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It's one thing to make a videogame movie, but it's another thing to make a good one. The recently released Hitman: Agent 47 is not only one of the worst reviewed videogame movies yet, but it just came out DAYS AGO and a sequel has been confirmed.

Obviously, it is very underrated. this movie had some shockingly clever moments in it, which you can examine here. But the fact is, we're just not ready for a sequel yet. Here's some of the details on this new movie.

It's yet again the type of Hitman movie we don't want

According to the description on IMDb Pro, it's "At a low point in his life, Agent 47 endeavors to regain his spot atop of pantheon of elite assassins." I find a few things wrong with this. First of all, he is not the best assassin so he won't be regaining anything ( the lady in Hitman: Agent 47 was 43 ranks above Agent 47 ), and yet again they're making the plot more complex than it has to be. Thinking about the plot in the 2015 movie was a headache, but we just want a simple, friendly Hitman movie about some assassination mission.

What this new plotline is implying is that it's gonna be some old Agent 47 depressed that he's not number one. Honestly, I'm not even going to go see it if it's going to go that way. I mean, really, just let Marvel make a Hitman movie ... If that's possible.

It's been in development for HOW LONG?

According to the same page, it's been in development since June 26th, 2009. This leads me to believing it is a CANCELLED sequel to the 2007 Hitman? Maybe along the way, they decided a new Hitman would be a better Hitman. Filmmakers include Daniel Casey ( from Our Friends in the North ), Kyle Ward ( Machette Kills, Kane & Lynch ), and Producers include Adrian Askarieh ( from BOTH Hitman movies ), Charles Gordon ( Die Hard 2 and Waterworld ), and many more. You can see this page here. And we can be assured that none of this is fake as IMDb has been delivering trustworthy movie ratings/news since The Godfather.


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