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Okay I'm new at this since this is my first time writing a theory for this site but let me get onto my theory. Okay in Batman vs Superman coming out in a short while i have been watching the trailer over and over again and i got to thinking well if everyone can have a theory than I can to so here it is...Zod will mutate into bizzaro! I know it sounds crazy but bear will me as i have substantial evidence.

Now if you have seen the picture i posted above it explains that the origins of bizzaro begin with Zod. Coincidence? i don't think so which leads me into the second part of my theory and blatantly obvious part. There will be no designated winner between super man and batman as some of you fans might think. I mean seriously would DC actually kill off one of the three most famous and important characters of all time? no of course they wouldn't. I have a gut instinct that when two heroes see the worlds needs help the will work together to help them.

Now here is where it is all tied together. Super and bats go at it while in lex corp Lex Luthor is mutating sod original body into a more bizarre version of superman. now why would he do this? Well if it isn't already obvious...Lex Luthor hates superman and whats nothing to do with him than to destroy him? Now when bizarro comes in between superman and batman fighting they quickly realize they must work together in order to destroy the feeble minded monster.

Now if your not one hundred percent sold just yet wait because there is more. If the evidence you saw me post up there wasn't enough than try this on for size.

Now if you can't see that image than allow me to tell what its say. To summarize it it states that bizarre is destroyed for a while then Lex Luthor comes along recreating a duplicating ray that recreates Bizzaro. So as we all know the movies aren't always one hundred percent accurate on the origins of lesser beings of importance such as bizarre for example. So the combined origins of bizzaro from my photographs and the whole lex author taking Zods body should yield nothing less than a creature of a bizarre nature. Well there ya have it folks. thats my theory. please share this if you like it. Now of course there probably is evidence out there that opposes my theory so contact me if you find any. Until then keep imagining!


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