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One of the main things that has been intriguing to me in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is the desert scene that was show in the recent trailer. It was shown quickly, but we saw a bunch of things like soldiers with Superman symbol patches, Batman, and soldiers bowing down to Superman himself. There have been many theories, but my article will be breaking down what I think about the desert scene. And please realize this is all just speculation and opinion.

Nightmare Scene

This point really shouldn't surprise anyone, seeing as everyone suspects this anyhow. But yeah, I think the desert scene is a nightmare that Bruce Wayne envisions regarding what he thinks could happen if Superman were to ever turn rogue.

Superman Regime

I believe in the nightmare scene that Superman has decided to go rogue and take over the world by force, and has created his own regime, just like in the comic series 'Injustice: Gods Among Us.' It would explain why he has his own soldiers and why they have Superman patches on them. Maybe the place we see him at is where his base is located, explaining why the soldiers kneel down before him. He sure looks evil and menacing, doesn't he?

Sons of Batman

Look, we all know that's not Ben Affleck under the cowl; that's either his stunt double, or possibly... a solider of Batman's. Here's where my theory really kicks in: if any of you have read 'The Dark Knight Returns' or even watch the animated movie, you should be familiar with the group known as 'Sons of The Batman.'

What if, in the future, Ben Affleck's Batman has created a group similar to the one in 'The Dark Knight Returns,' and has them to go to war with Superman's soldiers to try and stop him? He could have trained them, given them his gadgets, and even have had them wear similar suits like the one he has, and has ordered them to try and take over the base where Superman is currently. Sounds good, right? It would explain why the soldiers that have the Superman patches on him are opening fire.

And now there's going to be a battle here between Batman's army and Superman's army. Now, what if the rest of Batman's soldiers are dead and this one is taking out a lot of them, so they assume it is the real Batman and are ordered to take him in? This would explain why the guy with the gun doesn't shoot him but is trying to capture him. It could be a decoy and not Bruce Wayne under the mask...

And this Batman is actually Bruce Wayne infiltrating the base undetected....

And let's say during the dream, Bruce Wayne is eventually captured and is bought over to Superman. This would explain this scene right here where he's going to question him...

This would also explain why he's pissed right here, because he's going to question Bruce. And while Bruce and Superman are talking, Superman shows him a vision of the world he wants to create and then decides to kill Bruce. Then Bruce wakes up and realizes...

The Batman must come back

Bruce decides after this dream (or vision) that Superman is a threat and needs to be taken out, so that his dream will never come to fruition. And that's when he becomes Batman once more.

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