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Does it really matter if whilst developing a game they realise they have to tone down the graphics? Sure its a little disappointing when it happens.

Has anybody ever bought a game based off graphics alone?

After Watchdogs I'll admit that I promised myself that I wouldn't pre order another ubisoft game without a review. A promise that I stuck to. As a result I managed to get AC:Unity for a bargain a few months after release (It was fully patched to boot)

Now the division looked phenomenal when it was first released and I don't expect that level of fidelity when it is released. The Witcher was similar but that didn't stop it being a fantastic game. I do however expect the division to look great and more importantly work straight off the bat. If it doesn't I suspect it will damage Ubisoft's reputation to the point they'll struggle to recover.

Look at it this way:

Watchdogs = Fool me once, shame on you

Unity = Fool me twice, shame on me

The division = Nobody knows this one because the people that reached this stage died from stupidity.

I honestly hope the division is a success and that Ubisoft have realised that money is probably better spent on development than running the hype train.

The latter is hopeful because there's not been a massive fan fair surrounding this one.


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