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The much anticipated reboot of Hitman was released today across the U.S., however the film received overwhelmingly negative reviews from most film critics. Although Hitman: Agent 47 managed to outshine its 2007 predecessor, it lacked many elements that could have improved the overall outlook of the film.

The movie is based on Eidos Interactive's video game of the same name. It centers on Agent 47, a rogue assassin who teams up with a young woman to find her father and take down a terrorist organization known as 'Syndicate International' based in Singapore. The plot of the film was something that we had already seen in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and that for me was a turn down.

Rupert Friend as Agent 47
Rupert Friend as Agent 47

Nonetheless, the movie managed to deliver enough thrills and action and that is primarily why it has earned a rating of 7/10. Zachary Quinto, who plays a CIA agent Jon Smith was great in his role and Rupert Friend, known as Agent 47 in the film gave a better performance than Timothy Olyphant (who played Agent 47 in the 2007 film).

I would be lying if I said this film wasn't decent but those who are hell bent on pointing out flaws in the movie (and by that I mean FILM CRITICS) should have resigned from their posts long ago.

Zachary Quinto as CIA Agent Jon Smith
Zachary Quinto as CIA Agent Jon Smith

Furthermore, I also believe that Hitman: Agent 47 might not top the box office this time around given the nonsensical film reviews that have already discouraged so many avid fans to watch the movie. I solely blame the social media for highlighting every single detail of the film beforehand. But, as I said before, don't go by what the film critics have to say. It is their job to criticize everything. Isn't that why they are labeled as 'critics'?

All in all, go watch this action-packed film at a theater near you!


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