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It’s been 11 years since Friends have finished its broadcast, and it was a satisfying conclusion for a beautifully written TV series. Yet, considering how influential the sitcom was, we are still craving a reunion episode. There was a lot of speculation going around and fan-made videos were flying all over the internet. Officially, it’s safe to say that there won’t be such an episode, as confirmed by Lisa Kudrow who played Pheobe Buffay on the show.

The six of us can’t even meet for dinner. We’re trying, but we don’t all live in the same state. We don’t have the same work schedule anymore.

Even with such difficulties, fans can see the possibilities and importance of such an episode for a number of reasons. I, for one, feel it obligatory to have such an episode for two factors.

1. Friends Forever

Friends ended on a positive note, with a promise that they would stay friends forever. It’s a fan’s ultimate fantasy to see each day of their lives in a new environment, without breaking the bond that binds them. A reunion episode can nicely sum up the emotion, with a reminder of how much they are related to each other. The series spin-off Joey, followed Le Blanc’s Joey Tribianni as he moved to LA for better opportunities and was an interesting turn in the whole Friends universe. Then there is Ross and Rachel, hopefully together and many more. After 11 years, a reunion could explore how they have managed to stay connected in a busy life, or how they stopped contacting each other, succumbing to the speed of life. Thus, a Friends reunion can either be a bittersweet take on reality or a fantastic continuation of the whole plot.

2. New World, New Times

During the long 10 years of its broadcast, Friends changed along with the world in fashion and technology. It was clearly visible for a fan to see how the changes have affected their world and ours. It’s the year 2015, 11 years since the finale and the society and cast itself have changed a lot. A couple of them were parents and others were also subjected to similar changes. Most of the actors are about to turn 50, and a reunion episode could share the insights and experiences of these people rather than use them for comic validity. It will provide a sincere attempt to share a message for the new generation, who still adores the show and its characters.

That being said, I do find the difficulties facing the producers and cast genuine. Even still, I would like to share my opinion on how they could develop the reunion episode.

How To Develop The Reunion: My Thoughts

Considering the busy schedules of the entire cast, a single episode that features them will be the maximum we could ask. The reunion could feature the fan favorite spots like the characters’ apartments and Central Perk café, assuming it’s still running. We would be excited see the supporting cast like Gunther and Janice along with the main cast. Without going deep into the humor department, the creators could treat it as a nostalgic episode that would bring tears to fans. As fathers and mothers, they could share their worries about their children along with their usual funny adventures. It could also focus on each of their trademark gags, such as Joey’s love for food, Monica’s freaky control and so on.

There is no doubt whether a reunion episode would be a success, considering how celebrated the series is in today’s generation. Even though the chances are slim, as a fan I could always be optimistic about it…




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