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We all know how the 2010 Avatar: The Last Airbender movie was a complete failure, mainly because of the cast and director. But now the Legend of Korra tv show is over, was since December, and a movie has been rumored , but not offcial. Lets start thinking about the cast though.


How do you fell about a Legend of Korra movie

Joss Whedon

The amazing Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron director would be a perfect Legend of Korra movie director. His movies include great fighting scenes, fair number of jokes and laughs and great directing skills.

Vanessa Hudgens as Avatar Korra

Logan Lerman as Mako

Dylan O'Brien as Bolin

Elizabeth Gillies as Asami Sato

Benedict Cumberbatch as Tenzin

Ming Na Wen as Lin Beifong

List includes Bailee Madison as Jinora, Alyson Stoner and Zelda Williams keeping their roles as Opal and Kuvira, Mark Wahlberg as Amon, Evangeline Lilly as Pema and Julianne Moore as Suyin Beifong. Tell me what you think below.

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