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...wo would be at odds with one another: both are demonic "grown-up" versions of the roles they played as children of a great, big Family...with members still alive within the realities of the horror franchises they come from --BUT they simply couldn't bond over that. One was always pure evil and the other was simply "taken to the dark side" by his unfortunate ending. So, what is the second thing i want to see? Michael Myers destroying Jason...and for two reasons: a.) though the Friday the 13th series has its masterpieces, you can't deny that the first two Halloween movies are true classics that should be shown FIRST in a college course on slasher films...if there is such a course; and b.) though i sympathize with Jason more, it is a travesty --a JOKE-- that this KID grew up, never died, and was only explained to have supernatural abilities as the saga continued...moreover, they made him way too powerful as the movies went on...and did you see Jason Goes to Hell? And did you see Jason X (i think that was the one in which he was in space...)...TERRIBLE...Michael is the underdog, here...and they didn't change him up too much...though they kinda put him on steroids, eventually, too....he was just not as corrupted by the convenience of script writers as Mr. Voorhees. That being said, i don't think Michael Myers could realistically win. Wait, why am i thinking about this realistically? What a stupid question in the first place...someone will just roll with a continuous script writing session while stoned as bawllz and that will be the outcome. Someone will win. Unless they want a sequel.

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