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The world is full of self help books, and even superheroes can use them. It may have slipped your notice, but everyone's favorite Canucklehead has a lot of, well, let's just say... issues. So, here are the three kinds of self help books you might find Wolverine picking up , you know, if he ever troubled to browse the shelves of a bookstore and all.

A Book on Anger Management

You don't wanna tick him off!
You don't wanna tick him off!

Let's face it, the anger management section of the shelves should be his first destination. Wolverine's always had a ferocious temper. For a man who has been at war for over a century, and knows so many different martial arts styles, he's not really had much success at finding inner peace.

It's lucky that Wolverine has such a powerful healing factor, though. He's got a habit of getting so mad that he runs head first into the most insane situations, and that healing factor is the only way he gets out of them.

A Constructive Bit on Obsession


Seriously, what is it with Wolverine and Jean Grey? It was lust at first sight, and - whether in comics or movies - Wolverine always makes a beeline for the beautiful redhead. The catch? She's with another guy, man.

X-Men: The Last Stand attempted to simplify matters by swiftly disposing of Cyclops, and Wolverine and Jean shared a few, uh, heated moments. The Wolverine showed Logan being emotionally scarred by how things had turned out, and made it clear just how deeply the infatuation really ran. Considering they only shared a handful of kisses... it was actually mildly disturbing.

In the comics, it turns out that Jean closely resembles a redhead by the name of Rose, who Logan grew up with and loved. So the deep attraction was actually tied to a strong but suppressed memory, at least explaining it away a bit. Again, though, the depth of Wolverine's obsession has been slightly creepy. During the 'Sisterhood' story arc, it turns out that Logan even kept a lock of Jean's hair. The catch, again? In comics, she'd married Cyclops long before her death, so he was keeping a lock of hair from another man's wife of all things.

Some Chapters About Forgiveness

Don't ever cross Wolverine. Seriously, if you do, you'll never hear the end of it. In the comics, the worst offender was Matsuo Tsurayabi, a Japanese crime lord who was tied to the death of Wolverine's love, Mariko. For years, on the anniversary of her death, Wolverine returned to Japan and clawed Matsuo again, leaving him a disfigured wreck and a broken remnant of a man. But, Logan was careful not to leave him dead every time in order to make him feel the suffering pain, going so far as to have people in place making sure that Matsuo couldn't end it all. In the end, Matsuo purposefully eggs on Psylocke so badly she kills him - much to Wolverine's fury. He was so outraged that he almost killed his fellow team member, Psylocke, rather than let her make the kill-strike.

That's not the most famous, of course, but it is the most shocking. Psychologists have identified that the ability to forgive is tied to mental health. Forgiveness is healthy; bitterness and holding on to a grudge is unhealthy, and a sign of a troubled mind. All of which suggests that Wolverine really needs some therapy.

There you have it. Wolverine, everybody's favorite Canucklehead, is also the man who could really use some help! I doubt he'd ever be willing to visit a therapist, though, but at the very least... maybe he'd be willing to dip into a bookstore and browse the self help sections.

Which superheroes do YOU think could use some time on a therapist's couch?
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