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So this year we've seen Earth's Mightiest Heroes reassemble in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035). And to be fair it was quite a good film packed with action and surprises, but it did also have a few disappointing bits ie. Quicksilver's death. The missing scenes we saw in the trailer but not in the film or deleted scenes. The title AGE of Ultron when it wasn't even really a week.

But the biggest bugbear is?

...Ultron. In the comics (I know the MCU isn't based inter-ally on the comics stories) Ultron was a big bad ass, his body practically unbreakable. Defeating him took ages it wasn't easily done at all...but in Age of Ultron that wasn't the case his Mk 2 body also known as Ultron Prime was defeated extremely to easy it only took Iron Man 1 tank missile and he was gone.

His Final Battle body was better and defeating him was a little harder but still a disappointment...what happened to Ultron being self healing? After Vision, Iron Man and Thor all attacking him together why couldn't he self heal? because no matter where you see Ultron cartoon, comics or books he would self repair which made it harder for the Avengers to defeat him but for some reason in Age Of Ultron we didn't this we only saw him body hopping.

I know many will disagree and say Ultron was amazing Marvel did really well and that's fair I only personally feel they did well with Ultron Mk 1 he was bad ass totally the way he walked spoke his humour it was amazing all the way through it was just the body's I and others feel was the let down, even if he couldn't self heal he shouldn't of been defeated that quick its Ultron.


So what do you think was you Happy with how easily Ultron's bodies were defeated?


Which of Ultron's bodies is your favourite?


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