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Hello everyone and welcome to Battle Arena, where I pit the superpowered legends of fiction in a battle to deem who superior. Today I am pitting the technologically empowered supervillains against one another.


Brainiac is an Artificial Intelligence system inside the body of a machine, determined to collect cities for his personal collection. This has made him come into contact with Superman on multiple occasions. Being one of Superman's most formidable opponents proves his worth as a villain, having invaded the Earth on multiple occasions, but lets see what he brings to the table.


  • Technopathy- Brainiac has the ability to manipulate technology and hack and control any computer system he comes into contact with. He can transfer his consciousness into any machine.
  • Telepathy- Brainiac possesses immense telepathic powers, being able to possess humans and dive deep into the minds of others to find out everything about them. Can transfer his consciousness into living organisms.
  • Telekinesis- Brainiac is able to move objects around him with only his mind.
  • Incredible Intelligence- Brainiac is one of the most intelligent beings in all of DC. Being a 12th level intellect, Brainiac's most feared and deadly attribute about him is his intelligence.
  • Force Field Belt- Brainiac possesses a belt that can emit force fields around himself that allows him to withstand full hits from Superman.
  • Massive Superhuman Strength- Brainiac's strength often rivals that of Superman, making him incredibly powerful in terms of Super strength.
  • Skilled Fighter- Brainiac possesses standard fighting skills, it isn't anything amazing, but allows him to counter and deliver blows against foes like Superman.

This is what Brainiac brings to the table, now lets check out his opponent.


Ultron is one of the many threats The Avengers has to deal with, and is in fact, one of the most dangerous. Having threatened humanity on multiple occasions, Ultron is Hank Pym's biggest regret in his life, due to him being Ultron's creator. With the intent to get rid of human life, Ultron is an emotionless, merciless, monster, but how strong is he?


  • Superhuman Strength- Ultron has immense levels of strength, being able to lift 100 tons with ease. He has shown to trade blows with the likes of Thor on some occasions.
  • Superhuman Durability- Ultron's outer shell is completely made out of Adamantium, an indestructible metal that has been shown to resist blows from Thor and the Hulk. This makes Ultron incredibly durable and immune to physical damage, but even though his outer shell is adamantium, his inner systems and parts are not, making them still vulnerable to attack.
  • Flight- Ultron has rocket boosters granting him the ability of flight.
  • Concussion Blasters- Ultron can blast plasma beams with density control options.
  • Tractor Beams- These beams grant Ultron control over gravity's effect in the local area, allowing him to increase it and decrease it to suit his purposes.
  • Encephalo Beam- Ultorn can fire this beam to either place the victim in a coma, or outright control the victim who is shot by it, granting Ultron complete control over that person.
  • Technopathy- Ultron can control and manipulate any computer system he comes across, and can transfer his consciousness into any machine he comes across.

Alright, we know what these characters bring to the table, lets pit these AI bringers of destruction against eachother.


(Brainiac's ship descends down onto New York City. The ship lands and opens, revealing Brainiac and his army of drones.)

Brainiac: All human life has been terminated.

(Brainiac turns around as he hears something. He sees an army of Ultron's drones looking at him. Suddenly, Ultron hovers in the air with his arms folded.)

Ultron: Please state your reason for coming here.

Brainiac: I intend to take this city for my collection, so stand aside or I will kill you.

Ultron: Your intimidation fails to affect me.

(Ultron fires a concussion beam at Brainiac, who emits a force field that protects him. Brainiac has his army charge towards Ultron, who has his army charge towards Brainiac's. Their army of droids clash, with many body parts and pieces of tech flying all over the place as the droid armies kill eachother. Ultron and Brainiac stare eachother down as their respective droid armies tear eachother apart. Ultron flies over to Brainiac in the midst of the chaos, throwing a punch. Brainiac protects himself with his force field, then right hooks Ultron to the ground. Brainiac then kicks Ultron, sending him crashing into a building. @ Ultron droids grab Brainiac, who easily tears them apart, but looks over and is sucker punched in the face, knocking him onto the ground. Ultron then kicks Brainiac, sending him flying back.)

Ultron: You came to the wrong planet.

(Ultron walks over to Brainiac, who telekinetically blows Ultron away down the street, crashing him into many cars. Brainiac gets up and smiles. Ultron gets up and is attacked by 4 Brainiac droids. Ultron tears them apart easily, only for Brainiac to jump in the air and telekinetically smash Ultron into the ground, allowing Brainiac to smash his feet down onto him. Ultron punches Brainiac's leg, then punches him in the face. Ultron gets up and kicks Brainiac, who emits his force field, protecting himself. Brainiac uses this chance to run and grab Ultron, smashing him down into the ground. Ultron kicks Brainiac in the gut, then gets up and punches him in the face, smashing him down onto the ground. Ultron gets up and smashes his fists down onto Brainiac, who protects himself with his force field. Brainiac then telekinetically lifts Ultron into the air and attempts to crush him, but fails due to his adamantium shell being so durable. Ultron then sends many of his droids after Brainiac, who telekinetically blasts them away. This allows Ultron to blast Brainiac with a concussion beam, but fails to faze him due to his force field. Ultron flies down to the ground, crashing Brainiac into the floor beneath them. Brainiac smashes his fists into Ultron's head, stunning him, allowing Brainiac to punch Ultron into a car. Brainiac runs and kicks Ultron into a building. Ultron flies out, ramming into Brainiac, flyng him into Brainiac's ship. Ultron begins pounding onto Brainiac's face, only for Brainiac to transfer his consciousness into another Brainiac that appears behind Ultron, grabbing him. The new Brainiac begins pounding Ultron over and over again, only for Ultron to fire his Tractor beam, increasing the gravity on Brainiac, forcing Brainiac to transfer his consciousness back to his original body. Ultron fires his tractor beam at Brainiac once again, smashing him into the ground, immobilizing him.)

Ultron: You are weak.

(Ultron walks towards Brainiac, grabs his head, and begins to hack into his mind. Brainiac attempts to fight back using his technopathic telepathy, but fails to due so due to Ultron's superior skill. Ultron succeeds in shutting Brainiac down, allowing Ultron to rip Brainiac's head off.)

Winner = Ultron

Reason: Both of these characters are incredibly similar in terms of skills and abilities. Both possessing incredible strength, durability, intelligence, etc. But their power levels in these categories are what makes this battle shift to ones favor. Both of these characters are incredibly intelligent, but Brainiac gets the edge in intelligence, having been regarded as the most intelligent being in the DC universe, something Ultron has never lived up to. These 2 are also on the same terms of physical strength. Both have fought against the big powerhouses of their universes, like Superman and Thor respectively, making their physical strength roughly on the same footing. Ultron however possesses greater durability. Brainiac does have his force field belt, but if it gets damaged, or hacked into by Ultron, Brainiac will be vulnerable to getting hit, while Ultron is made of Adamantium, allowing him to tank blows from Thor's hammer, Hulk's punches, etc, and keep going. Ultron's technopathic skills are also superior. He has been shown to have a greater degree of skill when ti comes into hacking machines and controlling technology than Brainiac, so when these 2 attempt to hack into eachother due to them both being AI's, the winner will be Ultron, granting him the victory.





Thank you guys for reading this, and tune in next week to see who takes the crown next week on Battle Arena.


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