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Everyone the world over loves Disney movies, everyone from ages two to 102. And while many people, myself included, think that Disney is the ultimate movie making company, there's a very good chance Pixar is just that much better.

Pixar seems to always make a phenomenal movie. You are guaranteed to find an inspired original movie that plays on all your feels every time another Pixar movie comes out. And the sequels are guaranteed to be just as good as the originals, unlike most Disney sequels (I'm looking at you The Lion King 1½).

Last weekend, Pixar representatives had a panel at the D23 Expo to talk about what it was like making all these awesome movies we've come to hold dear. So, here are five definitive reasons to love Pixar even more.

1. They make mistakes

The writers, directors, animators, and story boarders' job is to make the movie, look at it, figure out why they screwed up, fix that, and repeat. They do this until they make the movie near perfect. So, essentially, most of their mistakes happen before the movie is even released, but at least they're able to own up to it.

They have a term called "Yeti's Cave" which refers to any scene in a movie that takes forever to get right. The term comes from the Yeti's cave scene in Monster's Inc. that took them about 25 times before they got it right. During one version of the scene, the Yeti was acting as a marriage counselor for Mike and Sully. He would have them say what they were feeling and wait for their turn and he kept things civil.

Almost every movie that they made had a Yeti's Cave in it. For The Incredibles, the Yeti's Cave was the dinner scene. You know the part where the entire family is gathered around the table and we get to witness everyone interacting with each other and everyone's powers (minus Jack Jack)? In Brave, it was the Witch's cottage. For Up, the creators couldn't figure out how to kill off Muntz. Every option they came up with was either too graphic or not final enough and left the ending open for him to come back. One version saw Muntz getting lost in the rocks where Kevin lived, which would've been incredibly satisfying, but there was always the possibility he got out.

2. They don't take themselves too seriously

From the minute they got up on stage, they were bantering with each other, making fun of each other, making fun of themselves, and making us laugh with little to no effort.

A lot of the mistakes they would talk about ended up turning into jokes. For instance, one person talked about a storyboard that was just awful and another responded by saying, "I think I did that storyboard" and the entire room would laugh. Not a single Pixar representative was overly serious at any point.

3. They are passionate about what they do

They make loads of mistakes, yes, but they're still here and they're still making more enjoyable movies.

While making these fantastic movies, they will go to John Lasseter and other members of the board one day, furiously shouting that this is the way they need to go. "This is what this movie needs! It needs Woody to be a jerk who is mean to everyone and everything!" And then the next day they'll go back to that office and yell, "We can't do that! Woody is not mean! He is not! We have to fix it!" And the powers that be will say, "Okay, do it."

Pixar creators have awesome ideas and these ideas change frequently, but these ideas come from passion and excitement and thorough love of their jobs.

4. They don't always make sequels

When asked if Up was ever going to get a sequel, they didn't have an answer. This was because sequels at Pixar are only made if the original creators think it's a good idea and they have a story they think is as good or better than its predecessor.

Which has held true with Monsters University, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3 (though it does raise some questions about Cars 2). This also explains why most of Pixar movies haven't gotten sequels yet. Coming up with stories just as good or better than the original epic works is hard, especially considering how difficult it was for them to make the first go-around.

And this is more than we can say for Disney, DreamWorks, and other animation studios, which make sequels because the original did well and it's time to rope in some more cash-money.

5. They learn from their mistakes

I mean, clearly, they learn from their mistakes or else all of their movies would be riddled with them. We'd have characters that aren't meant to be, confusing open-ended deaths (Up), plots that don't make sense with specific titles (Monsters University originally was only going to have about 20 minutes spent at the college and the rest in the human world), subpar villains (The Incredibles' villain was originally not going to be Syndrome), and plot lines that have no actual conflict (Inside Out wasn't originally going to have the personality islands and because of that, Joy's journey had no effect on Riley).

But they've changed quite a bit from their conception. The animation itself has gotten infinitely better. When they started out with Toy Story, animating humans was incredibly difficult so Andy and his family were left out of the movie as much as possible.

Also in Toy Story, when the toys came to life to scare Sid, one of the dolls that come up out of the sand was originally going to be two of the same doll. And as they walked toward Sid they were supposed to say, "Redrum" like the twins from The Shining. The powers that be thought it was a great idea. So they asked, "You guys got that cleared, right?" They didn't, which is why the dolls in Toy Story weren't that creepy. But now they know to make sure everything they do is cleared, and if they're drawing inspiration from other movies, is allowed.


We all already knew that Pixar was fantastic. However, every new piece of information we get makes Pixar even more amazing as an entertainment company. And it really is refreshing to see that even the geniuses at Pixar make just as many mistakes as the rest of us do.

What do you think makes Pixar so special?


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