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Warning! Spoilers for "Mission Impossible: Rough Nation"!

If you watched the new "Mission Impossible" you know that one of the best scenes in the movie is the motorcycle chase. During the chase Ethan drives on to a highway trying to catch up to Ilsa and stop the Syndicate soldiers. Soon after they get on the highway he catches up to the first bad guy and has a drive off with him. They were driving next to each other dodging cars. After a while the Syndicate soldier takes out a gun and aims at Hunt. Since he isn't looking he gets hit by a car.

Now change the motorcycles into speeders, the cars into trees and the dessert into a jungle. Reminds you of something?

Yes, it's the battle of Endor, specifically the scout speeder chase between Luke and a scout trooper.

This could just be a coincidence or a easter egg hidden by J. J. Abrams (one of the producers of "Rough Nation" and the director, producer and writer of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens") as a nod to Episode 6 which is the prequel to " The Force Awakens".

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