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I'm an illustrator, web developer's wife and mother of 1. I admin @beards_unite on Instagram for fun (and for the beards!), as well as my ow
Holly Khraibani-Cousins

As I'm currently working on some horror paintings, my mind has needed a little break, so I'd decided to pick up an idea that I'd shelved for a while: my version of San.

I had so much fun creating Howl from Howl's Moving Castle in a previous article, that it really fired me up to watch more films from Studio Ghibli and put down on paper how I imagine these animated characters to look in 'real life.' I tend to work from various images to help reference what I see in my mind (life models are hard to come by!), and all this builds to the foundation sketch of the painting.

I'm quite annoyed with myself that I only took a picture of the initial sketch with my phone! It's a bad habit that I'm trying to shake off, so this is the only image I have... wah!

Anyways, I shall leave you with the process of my work, and hope you enjoy!

Thank you for looking, and I hope I did her justice!


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