ByPetie Joe Martin, writer at

Reason I think we didn't need Arnold for future Terminator films!

After watching Terminator genisy's and feeling mostly disappointment I went back to Terminator salvation a film with so much promise of a franchise to be proud of. I was always a fan of bales and when I heard that just of the back the dark knight that he was going to play John Connor in the next Terminator Arnold free film I was a tad excited! I for one was a fan of the films an as child want to see the future war unfold I was thought that the franchise wasn't necessary Arnolds. I knew that we didn't need another back In time story it was time for THE WAR!

Then the movie came out with lots of things against it like bales flip out on set and that fact that mcg was helming it didn't get all fans support. But what was it fans didn't like??? It is a film I will say is up there with one and two. So my question is do we need Arnold Schwarzenegger for further films or is it bigger then him???


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