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With school starting back up and my bedroom being packed up, I couldn't help but wonder, "how many horror movies take place on college campuses?" Back when I was in high school, I found out that horror movies are more appealing when one is in that position of time. I was more into high school slashers because I was in high school and now, my taste has shifted to college horror films. As it turns out, horror movies based in a college setting are a lot more appealing to me now than before. With that in mind, I compiled a list of horror movies that take place on college campuses and might be of mild interest to those either going into college for the first time or those returning to college.

1. The House on Sorority Row

I'm just taking a wild guess that members of a sorority sometimes aren't particularly a fan of their house mother. In this film, these soon-to-graduate sorority sisters are far from fond of their house mother. When a horrible prank goes wrong, the sisters are stalked and murdered one by one during a party to celebrate their graduation.

2. Sorority Row

Do sororities usually hold dark secrets about accidentally killing one of their sisters? If so, then this is why horror movies are based around sororities. In this remake, a group of sorority sisters try to cover up the death of one of their sisters. One year later, it seems as though someone will not let secret die, causing a murderer to work his way around the chopping block until the identity is revealed.

3. Scream 2

What's worse than a random killer being on campus? A killer that you've already had to put up with a year prior. When the survivors of last year's massacre are confronted with yet another string of murders, it's up to Gale, Dewey, Sidney and Randy to follow the rules of a horror sequel in order to discover who's behind the mask.

4. Urban Legend

This horror slasher doesn't only take place on a college campus, but also delves into some of the most well known urban legends. Once a few students are murdered, young Natalie begins to notice a pattern forming. As it turns out, these murders are being committed in the style classic urban legends.

5. The Roommate

When moving away to college, the number one concern many people have is who their roommate is and where they came from? Unfortunately for new student Sara, her roommate Rebecca isn't all that she seems to be. What begins as a normal friendship quickly spirals into a dangerous case of obsession and madness.

6. Black Christmas (1974)

Around the holidays, you either spend it happily with family or you get snowed in and must spend it with a homicidal maniac. For the sorority girls at Pi Kappa Sig, their cheerful Christmas weekend turns into a night of terror and slaughter as a killer begins chopping his way through each sorority member.

7. Black Xmas (2006)

Are all sorority houses remodeled so the people who live in it don't know that it used to be the home of a mass murderer? According to this remake, that is exactly what happens. When snowed in over Christmas, this group of sorority sisters must survive the night and uncover the truth of a homicidal murderer named Billy.

8. Final Exam

Rule number one for studying for finals: watch out because there might be a killer out for blood. I'm not sure about anyone else, but when I need to study for finals, I will murder anyone and everyone for some piece and quiet. A psycho killer shows up on college campus to slash up pretty co-eds and dumb jocks. This, however, isn't your typical slasher film. The film focuses heavily on characters and pacing rather than violence and killing.

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