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Colton is on fire in the water. Colton Haynes.
Colton is on fire in the water. Colton Haynes.


I got 10 Creatures he can be. Let's find out.
Wow bro
Wow bro

It's in my order:

1- Fire Angel

Why? He might be covering up the supernatural and make himself stronger and stronger till he can control himself and fly with fire wings and save everything that's good.

2- Hellhound

3- Were-Dragon

4- Phoenix

5- Were-Salamander

6- Ifrit

7- Fire Kitsune

8- Gargoyle

9- Siren

10- Isaac's brother, that became a Dread Doctors experiment.

Future Plans?

Season 6: About the Hale family, in the past and the ones who are still alive, but aren't good, and Kate returns what bring Derek and Chris back. (July 2016- March 2017) (42 Min every episode, the normal)

Season 7: Vs The ghost riders and a 3 headed Hellhound, introduce Hades (June 2017- february 2018) (45 min every episode)

Season 8: Hades is mad and sends the 3 headed were-Dragon and also bad witches involved (June 2018- february 2019) (45 min every episode)

Season 9: Revenge of Hades himself and his supernatural creatures. (May 2019-January 2020) (47 Min every episode)

Season 10: The Revenge of Hades son who can make animals into were-creatures, were-sharks and whatever (March 2020-September 2020) (50 Min every episode)

Season 11: Hades back alive and revenge of the gods, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades (December 2020-July 2021) (50 min every episode)

Season 12: Lucifer the devil of the world and the god of Hades revenge (December 2021-July 2022) (51 Min every episode)

Season 13: Someone who can take all th power dead people ever had, and steals it from Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hades son, Lucifer, more and make him the last villain. (January 2023-September 2023) (1 hour every episode)

Teen Wolf movie 1:Then Time jump of 6 years, they would be arround 28 years olf in the TW universe, have vampires into that because of witches, the witches are really strong and are the rival 1. (2024)

Teen Wolf movie 2: Have the vampires and 2 more witches the lead as the rivals to kill the pack, but they can't (2025)

Teen Wolf movie 3, In 2 parts: Part 1: 1 witch makes supernatural creatures, with flashback, how the creatures actually became real and she and the creatures as the rivals (January 2026)

Part 2: No more flashbacks, but more action and dark scenes. (December 2026)

Also after Season 6 i would have a Derek Spin off, called "Wolf Hale" about his love dead till his house on fire. (2017-2023)

Season 1: Derek falls in love but Alphas try to kill him and Peter and after the season they kill his girl.

Season 2: Derek and Peter trying to get revenge, but don't get it

Season 3: Derek and Peter get into a fight and fight eachother

Season 4: (Tyler Hoechlin takes over off Ian Nelson, 2 year jump, when Kate comes into his live and it affect his family, Hale Vs Argent)

Season 5: About right after the fire, Derek fighting and killing some Argent, trying to get back to Kate.

Another Spin Off: Called "Devenford" (2018-2024)

Season 1: Satomi gets killed and Brett and his sister who are still in school have to find away to get the one who killed their Alpha.

Season 2: 1 failed Dread Doctor gets into Devenford and makes chimeras, Brett tries to stop them.

Season 3: An Alpha Pack (but with different creatures) gets into Devenford, Brett tries to fight them off

Season 4: Peter gets into Devenford to get every werewolf into his pack to kill Scott and his pack, but Brett won't let that happen.

Season 5: Brett killed Peter and is an Alpha, so like in Teen Wolf season 3, An Alpha pack tries to get him in, or they get him killed, but this time, a real war.

Season 6: Brett has to face some witches.

Also thinking about a Kira Spin Off called "Kitsune". (2019-2023)

Season 1- Kira moves to Tokio, where Kitsunes are all over the place and she has to find her place and fight back.

Season 2: Part 2 off season 1, Kira dies at the end.

Season 3: Kira gets saved by an Japanese doctor, who doesn't makes creatures, but experiences on them, Kira tries to stop him.

Season 4: Part 3 of season 1, but now she tries to finish it.

It's more a cliffhanger season(s)

Also a Liam spin off called "Young Wolf" (2018-2024)

Season 1: Liam and Mason in the lead getting attacked by a crazy full Alpha

Season 2: Liam and Mason (and Hayden third role always) are trying to fight demons, but can they get out alive?

Season 3: Liam, Mason and Hayden move away for the summer and try to get all the bad supernatural creatures away, but in 1 city they get it to difficult.

Season 4: They move further into other places, but when they don't find anything, they go home, but 1 city is just crazy weird, and they have to fight zombies.

Season 5: A wizard that looks good, sends Liam, Mason and Hayden into the future, they fight to get back.

Season 6: After season 5 they end up in the year 1000 they have to fight agaist soldiers and to get back.

Also i thought about a spin off of Parrish called "Guardian of the Supernatural"(2017-2026)

Season 1: Jordan Parrish still figuring out his powers fighting and covering up the supernatural

Season 2: Parrish who goes away from Beacon Hills for 6 months gets attacked by his former mate who is a full Alpha, he still has to figure out how his powers work and it's an epic battle.

Season 3: Parrish found a crazy city after 2 month fighting the Full Alpha he has to cover up bodies in another city, but a dead eater creature attacks him.

Season 4: Parrish has to go back 400 years to cover up bodies, but he gets attacked by different creatures. He also has to learn to get out of this time

Season 5: After a cliffhanger of Season 4 the story continues)

Season 6: Parrish back in time, he meets a friend who saw him burn alive and tries to kill him, cause he can never find out about stuff, but Parrish can't be easily killed.

Season 7: A chimera that was dead comes somehow back to life, but isn't really easy to kill anymore, tries to bring more Chimeras back and kill Parrish

Season 8: Parrish fighting against an FULL ALPHA PACK.

Also i was thinking about "American Wolf in London" (2017-2022)

Season 1: Jackson as the villain trying to get Alpha powers.

Season 2: Seeing love changing Jackso good to bad, being an Anti Hero

Season 3: Jackson knows his place in the world and is the goodguy, but when he gets to know who killed his parents, who is in London he goes after him, but he isn't just human (the killer)

Season 4: Jackson build his pack and fights another pack in town who try to destroy the town.

Season 5: Jackson who is ready to move back to Beacon Hills gets a Kanima in town that seeks revange on him.

(If he gets to Teen Wolf as an Alpha this can still be his story, if he doesn't gets back, it can be the future for him)

And another spin off "Witch" about a new character in Teen Wolf who gets a spin off (2018-2024)

Season 1: The past of this witch were her family tries to kill her

Season 2: She can go back in time to save her brother but doesn't knows how to get out and has to battle her family again

Season 3: She gets back home, but has to go into the future because 2 of the badguys of the family are still alive

Season 4: When she goes 1 year back, some off the Teen Wolf villains get back alive, and she has to get rid off them.

Season 5: About how the gods made the world and all the creatures, and her figuring out when witches came in the world and why.

Season 6: Because of her going back to that moment Zeus, Poseidon and Hades come back to live and she can have 1 wish and she says they can't take revange on Scott and his pack or their families. Cause they aren't the villains.

That's something i would do. After all it ends they could have a crazy marathon...

75% off this credit goes to Jeffrey Lambrechts.

If this happens, 1 wish, never mencione me hahaha. and give Jeffrey the chance to become 1 on TW (no matter what) and give him an audition for a role. hahaha.


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