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We've all seen them. You know the ones, the pet movies with a really cute or funny animal character that you fall in love with waaaaay more than the main actor. Then they eventually have to get through a difficult event, but your going to cry whether they survive it or not so it really doesn't matter that much. Whether you like it or not, you have become an emotional wreck over a pet movie. Why I hear you ask? Because simply put, we prefer animals to people. They don't shout at you or call you names. They can be completely loyal and better companions than any human. They are the perfect friend that you always dreamed of having, the one that cares only for you..

Here I have compiled my own personal list of moments in these movies that have made me bawl, you may even find a few that you too have had a good cry at. If not then let this be an education into the films you should be watching when you want a to be emotionally moved.

Marley and Me

Although it's an obvious one, it needed to be put in because it truly was beautiful. It's about John Grogan, a man whom is not ready for kids with his wife so he gets them a pet dog. Marley (the then puppy) turns out to be way more than they bargained for, his naughty tricks and habits are what makes this story so uplifting. Marley and Me shows how the dog makes a family whole, he's always there for everyone and all the best memories they make, start with Marley.

No 1- The Chat

Marley and John (Owen Wilson)
Marley and John (Owen Wilson)

This is where Marley and his bestfriend/owner John Grogan, have a deep, soul crushing chat, the day before Marley is to be put to sleep. You can literally see the love that binds the two to eachother.

2- The Death Bed

Marley and Me
Marley and Me

This kind of speaks for itself, but i'm pretty sure their is a little tear there from Marley himself. It's just devastating.

Free Willy

Not all the tear jerking movies have to be sad, this story in particular made me cry growing up because I always wanted a pet Orca afterwards. It's about this young troublemaker Jesse (Jason James Richter) who has no family and has been left behind in the system. One day him and his delinquent friends, unknowingly break into their local sea amusement park where Jesse gets caught by police. He's then made to do community service at the park, which is where he finds a new, troublesome arrival, an Orca named Willy. The two make a bond and Jesse finds a home. So when Willy becomes increasingly distressed living in captivity, Jesse and the team set him free.

1- The Final Jump

Willy and Jesse
Willy and Jesse

The iconic moment that Willy puts all his trust into Jesse and takes a leap of faith to his freedom. This is the epiphany of their beautiful relationship, Willy saved Jesse from his troubles and taught him family values, and in return Jesse saved Willys life. It's really quite beautiful.

Lassie (2005)

This is the story of a young boy who makes an incredible bond with a rough collie. Unfortunately the dog has to be sold to a buyer who's willing to pay a lot of money as the boys family is very poor. Lassie is taken very far away, 500 miles away to be exact. But Lassie isn't ready to give up his best friend, so on a beautiful journey makes his way home to the young boy. Touched by the dedication of the dog, the new owner lets the family keep him and the money, but Lassies' journey is far from over as the journey takes its toll on the poor dog.

Spoiler alert: he survives and the family live happily ever after!

1-Saying Goodbye

Sorry no gif.
Sorry no gif.

This is the sad moment Lassie and young Joe have to say goodbye. So sad.

2- Lassie waits for Joe to come home

Unfortunately I can't find a gif or a picture but it's basically when Lassie finally gets home after his long journey and the family are all out at the church for Christmas, so Lassie lays down in the snow, on deaths door, waiting for his best friend. It's horrible, you are literally just willing for the family to come out and find him and take him to the vet.

3- Babies

All is well, the family are happy, Lassie is happy, and also he has some REALLY cute puppies.

Homeward Bound:The Incredible Journey (1993)

I'll be real quick with this one because it's a very similar story to Lassie where the family get separated from their beloved pets, although in this one we've got two dogs and a cat that get lost and go on their journey together, to get back home. The pets get separated at times and their are some seriously sad moments but also some very good ones! a definite must watch for the family.

1- When Shadow Arrives Home

Homeward Bound
Homeward Bound

Just when we all thought he was stuck in the mud, never getting out to join his animal best friends when they arrived home, in came the mother load of emotions.

Hachi: A Dogs Tale

I only watched this movie recently because our neighbor suggested it due to the similar dog breed. It's about this fellow (Richard Gere) who finds a little Akita puppy at a train station. It's soon revealed the two are to be the best of friends and every day the Akita goes with his owner to the train station on his way to work. Hachi (the Akita) then meets him again at the train station ready for his owner to come home. Everyday he does this until one day, his owner dies and never makes it back on the train. So being the ever hopeful creature that he is, Hachi leaves his family home and decides to live at the train station, forever waiting in his same spot for his owner to come home. He becomes quite the star and everybody knows him for his dedication to his best friend until finally he dies and he meets his owner again. I can't even tell you how much I felt during this movie, I pretty much bawled my way from start to finish.

1- The Moment His Owner Finally Collects Him

Hachi: A Dogs Tale
Hachi: A Dogs Tale

Kind of self explanatory really, it's the moment of Hachis' deliverance. The moment his loyalty is rewarded by going home to his owner.

This is just five great movies, but their are a whole load of movies like these that show the beautiful bond between animal and owner. Here is a small list of a few others because I didn't want to bombard you with too many:

  • Charlottes Web
  • Babe
  • The Planet of The Apes (because of the bond between the ape and his original owner)
  • I Am Legend (because of that scene, in the lab)
  • Beethoven
  • See Spot Run
  • My Dog Skip (one of the best)
  • Because of Winn-Dixie (another tear jerker)
  • We Bought A Zoo
  • The Life of Pi
  • War Horse

Anyway, have an amazing day, I hope you enjoyed. Please like/comment/share/follow for more!

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