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Sonora Hospital-Medina

After the announcement/release of the film Straight Outta Compton, the internet flooded with Straight Outta memes (as can be expected from the internet).

After sifting through the vast ocean that is Google Images, here are 13 pop culture-related Straight Outta memes:

24601 cannot be contained.

100 Acres Woods, to be exact.


It's all good, just hop in the Delorian!

Please get the flip outta my dreams, bro, I need my beauty sleep.

Yeah, you're definitely gonna need a bigger on that.

Hocus Pocus focus.....

There is no District 12.

Star Wars Straight Outta you are.

Woah there, Maria!

Poor Matt Smith. Eyebrows are overrated anyway...

....Not cool man, not cool.

Straight outta cookies, too.


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