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So, even though I'm 13, I still like to watch good old Disney, G-rated movies. Now there are so many that decided to make sequels. And I hated most of them for that.

Can we just start out with Cinderella? That was so stupid. The characters didn't even look the same, and the plot-lines were messy. When I first heard that they had made a 2nd movie, I already knew it was going to be awful. And then I heard they had a 3rd one too? Eek.

Now let's go to another classic, The Little Mermaid. I saw the second movie as I was flipping through channels and I watched it. The invention of Ursula's sister was ridiculous, and the story with the little girl and all of that.

The Lion King 2. It just was a really bad movie. And then they came out with The Lion King 1.5? They were just over working a classic, and that is why no one has any of those movies, but everyone has the Lion King.

There are some movies that had okay sequels. Such as How to Train Your Dragon. The second movie was actually really good.

I was kind of upset about how as soon as the mom was discovered to be alive, Hiccup's dad died.

Another movie that had good sequels was the obvious one, Toy Story. There were a few repetitive pieces through the films, but the movies were always enjoyable.

If there are any bad Disney sequels that you think I missed, comment below.

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