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"Hitman: Agent 47" is the sequel of the 2007 film of a similar name. With a new cast and a story which doesn't seem to rely on the first film, "Agent 47" dives into new ground which hits its target at some points, but is way off at others.

Rupert Friend is the newest actor to dive into Agent 47's shoes and he pulls off the character nicely. The very distant personality which he exhibits as 47 works nicely against the questioning Katia (Hannah Ware). Their chemistry is part of what makes this film work, despite the fact that the two don't actually meet until halfway through the film. As a result of this, Katia's transformation into an Agent who can match 47 seems rushed and unbalanced, similar to Lara Croft in the latest "Tomb Raider" game. Presumably, she's never even held a gun before these events so her fast learning curve seems unearned.

Zachary Quinto serves as the main antagonist of the film as John Smith. Whether this character serves a greater role within the "Hitman" video game universe, I don't know, but the film's end seems to hint at something similar. Quinto does fine as the villain, especially since he begins the film masked as the hero to Friend's villain. Had the trailer not revealed the outcome of this, it would have made for a nice twist. It's also fun to see Quinto and 47 face off in fight scenes, although they were fairly straight-forward and looked a little scripted, compared to some more fluid scenes in other action films lately.

In general though, the action does work. Seeing 47 take out bad guys very methodically and without a hint of remorse is neat to see, along with his one-shot kills of most everyone he comes into contact with. The use of slo-mo in the action scenes also tends to work well and doesn't dampen the scenes down too much.

The most impressive part of the film, however, was its introduction. Starting with a short overview of the world and who people generally are, the film then shows a situation which seems to be taken straight out of one of the games. It worked really nicely, and was a good introduction to the power of this character for audiences who may not be familiar.

There is something strange which happens about half an hour into the film. *Slight spoilers here* Quinto and Ware are being pursued by 47, who is trying to snipe them from a rooftop. He scratches Ware with the bullet, then the scene fades to black, and we see the two wake up the next morning perfectly fine. One has to wonder if something happened with the footage at the point because it seemed very odd to not give some sort of resolution to that scene. I hardly ever see fades to black in the middle of an action sequence anymore, so that scene just seemed very out of place.

I did have fun with "Hitman: Agent 47." It's an enjoyable action film with enough going for it to warrant a sequel, but some of the dialogue choices and usage of characters brought down what could have been a great video game film.

But those are my thoughts. Leave yours in the comments below!

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