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Rupert Friend takes up the reins of Agent 47, the popular character from the video game series Hitman. Currently Agent 47 sits at 8 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but don’t always get your reviews from that site because sometimes we like watching a mindless action film without thinking to hard on the plot itself.

Sometimes I like watching a film where there are a lot of gunfights and explosions to excite the primitive part of my mind. The story isn’t the best-written tale of the year, nor is it anywhere near the top ten films of 2015, but it is entertaining to watch. Isn’t that why we go to the movies, to be entertained, to walk out of a theater feeling as if it was worth the ten-dollar admission?

I walked into the theater, with only a hand full of people to stare in my direction when I took my seat among the empty rows. I was slightly hesitant to watch this film, curious if I made a mistake, but when Agent 47 calmly showed up I was grinning with glee from all of the blood, bullets, and mayhem that was splattered in front of me.

Rupert Friend did a fine job as the title character; his calm, casual demeanor was chilling to watch while he took the lives of the faceless enemies that fell before him. Friend made the first onscreen appearance of the character, back in 2007; look like a sad spoof of what could have been a great action film. Hannah Ware, Agent 90, played the damsel in distress for a third of the film before she realized he full potential of kicking ass and taking names, she and Friend were both top notch in this film.

Now for the negatives! The writing was terrible! Skip Woods, the writer of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, wrote wooden dialogue with a simplistic story to follow; luckily the acting and the action helped with his failure. The CGI was weak, which I would blame on the director since he knows if the budget is small in that area to compensate by hiding the flaws. Lastly, Zachary Quinto wasn’t believable as a villain. I always seeing Spock now instead of the character Quinto is portraying.

Yes the movie has it’s flaw and this isn’t the best action film of the year, but if you’re wanting to see a mindless action film that takes you on an exciting ride then I say check this out.


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