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The summer of 2015 saw the release of two huge and eagerly anticipated animated films from rival studios. Disney gave us its latest Pixar offering Inside Out while Universal stepped in the ring with its much hyped Despicable Me spin-off The Minions. Let's take a look at how these movies fared against each other!

Round 1: The Box Office

Inside Out best all expectations on release
Inside Out best all expectations on release

Inside Out's $90 million+ opening weekend went down in the record books as the highest grossing opening weekend for an original film EVER. The fact that it pulled this off while Jurassic World stomped to the highest second weekend ever with $106 million made the achievement all the more remarkable. As Scott Mendelson of Forbes said, both movies acted as if the other didn't exist. Following the incredible debut, Inside Out proved to have phenomenal legs and staying power as it now sits on a $340 million domestic take and has charmed its way to $678 million worldwide. It is likely to finish its run between $700-$750 million and will probably be the highest grossing original film of 2015.

Minions launched a few weeks after Inside Out with a $115 million weekend marking one of the best animated film openings of ALL TIME. Thereon, it's so far legged its way to a healthy $317 million domestic take and continues to do good business. Domestically, Inside Out and Minions are likely to end up very close to each other - which is a huge win for Inside Out since it didn't have the opening or franchise goodwill that Minions did. However, international is a different story all together. With foreign grosses above $650 million, Minions is on track to cross the $1 billion mark and become only the third ever animated film behind Toy Story 3 and Frozen to do so.

Inside Out was a box office success and any sequels will definitely build on its rock solid foundation. However, Minions with its layered international roll-out, exceptional marketing and incredible franchise goodwill takes the box office crown.


Round 2: Critical Acclaim and Audience Ratings

Inside Out, along with Mad Max: Fury Road was the most critically acclaimed blockbuster this summer. The films boasts a 98% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with an average critic score of 9/10. The film also has a mind-blowing Metascore of 94/100, averaged from 48 critics signifying universal acclaim. As far as the general public is concerned, Inside Out has a 4.4/5 rating average from the 96,209 users who voted on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.6/10 from 93,576 users on IMDB. The film scored an A grade Cinemascore. Also, Inside Out is presently #53 on the IMDB top 250 list and while that'll undoubtedly fall in months to come, I don't see it losing its place on the list or even coming close to that for a long, long time.

Minions wasn't as well received as Inside Out and even fell way short of the Despicable Me movies. Critics were divided with the film being rotten at 54% on Rotten Tomatoes at an average score of 5.8/10. The Metascore isn't better at 56 signifying mixed or average reviews. The audience was more satisfied, awarding Minions a 3.4/5 average from 119,249 users on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.7 IMDB score. The one measure on which it matched Inside Out was the Cinemascore as it too scored an A.

While Minions will mostly be remembered as forgettable entertainment, Inside Out has cemented itself as one of the best all round appreciated films in years and is a hot Oscar contender for both Best Animated Film and Best Film nominations.



It appears as if the task has fallen on the Moviepilot community to decide who gets the summer animation crown. I watched both films and enjoyed both of them. Minions was a short, fast paced entertaining film with some impressive set pieces and occasional moments of absolute hilarity. Inside Out was unlike anything I've ever seen before and had me emotionally invested in its characters in a way I rarely am. It was fresh, beautifully animated, touching and relevant. I believe arguments can be made for both cases. While Inside Out was the more thought out and memorable experience, Minions was incredibly enjoyable and an absolute treat for kids, who are the target audience and have evidently loved and embraced it.

Despite enjoying both, my personal vote would go to Inside Out since it's the one I'll remember for years to come and will probably watch again at some point - but I know many who'd disagree with me and say that the entertainment value of Minions is unequalled.

Which film do YOU think deserves the crown? Cast your votes in the poll below and voice your opinions in the comments section! Voting will be open until 9am EST on Tuesday, 1st September and the winner will be announced then!


Which was your favourite animated film of the summer?


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