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One of the biggest questions still standing in DC cinematic universe is if Warner Bros. going to make sequel to standalone Man of Steel movie? Warner Bros. has revealed the slate of their DC movies until 2020 and that list wasn't including Superman nor Batman standalone movies. Recently at San Diego Comic Con it was revealed though, that standalone Batman movies are in plans and Ben Affleck, the Batman himself will star in and direct those movies. But still no news on Superman movies.

Some people started speculating that Warner Bros. will not even attempt to make another standalone Superman movie because having just Superman as a good guy in a whole movie makes it harder to tell a story. Who really can be a threat to Superman? There is a huge resemblance between Superman from DC and Hulk from Marvel universes because they are both the coolest and most powerful heroes and as none of the Hulk's standalone movies worked, Superman's standalone movies will not work either.

And even if I personally loved the Man of Steel, I know many people who found a lot of plot holes and started complaining about the character of superman without realizing how hard it is to tell a story about a hero against whom there are no obstacles really and the movie is destined to obvious resolution.

Nevertheless the biggest rumor dropped during Popcorn talk on YouTube who had invited as a guest director of the documentary Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? John Schnepp. He really confidently said during the conversation that Warner Bros. is moving forward with Man of Steel sequel and that the director of the movie will be non other than director of the best Sci-Fi Action movie of the year so far Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller.

Here is the comment by John Schnepp : "George Miller, he's doing Man of Steel 2," Schnepp said on the latest episode of Popcorn Talk's DC Movie News show. "Obviously Zack Snyder is doing Justice League 1 and 2, we already got James Wan doing Aquaman – Waterman I think they should change the title– but yeah I think George Miller is a perfect choice to do Man of Steel 2, he's going to bring so much to it."

And if that's true than I'm fully on board with the idea, because after watching Mad Max:Fury Road my mind just blew up (If you haven't seen that movie, go check it out as soon as possible and please don't watch it on your laptop or phone screen, that will ruin the whole experience).

The world that Miller has created in that movie is so unique and artistic and beautiful in it's own way that you really believe in the existence of a futuristic dystopian world. Use of least amount of CGI possible and about 90% practical effects and stunts made the movie one unforgetful visceral experience for not just this year but best in decades before and probably for decades to come. Most importantly the story was so well put together and the use of Max next to other characters was so masterfully done, that you don't get bored or tired of anything that is happening on the screen and are really invested to each character's story and the arc of their story

Therefore this rumor hopefully a true one, just makes me really excited for the future of superman and DC universe.

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