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The other day I bought Gone Girl on DVD (which the review of will be up in the next few days) and when I filed it in my collection I realised I have every David Fincher film. Some of them I hadn't actually seen so I'd thought I'd watch them, I decided to start with Zodiac as the plot synopsis compelled me the most (I will watch the others in time). Zodiac is the true story surrounding the Zodiac serial killer and the manhunt that ensued because of him, the plot looks into three specific characters (a detective, a journalist and a cartoonist) and how each of them was obsessed with finding the identity of 'The Zodiac'. Zodiac is directed by David Fincher and stars Mark Ruffalo, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr. and Chloe Sevigny.

There are a lot of positives to this film which include: fantastic acting, great plot, brilliant plot progression, well set up tone and there is a lot of intrigue and suspense. The acting throughout this film is great everyone plays their parts really well especially the three leads who made genuine and captivating performances. The plot of the film is very good and it makes it more surprising that it is based on real events and by watching the special features its really cool to see the lengths that Fincher went to, to make the film as accurate as possible; one thing that I think was really masterful was that fact that even though the murders were never solved, the film still felt like it resolved and came to a close. For a film that is pretty much solely driven by dialogue it is still captivating, has lots of intrigue and is even tense in some moments. The way the plot developed kept me hooked through its rather long runtime and the tone in this film is perfect which made me immerse myself in the world of the movie and become more connected with the main characters.

On the side of negatives I only have one small problem and that was, that for me the film took a while to get going; this might just have been because I wasn't fully immersed but I definitely think that the plot progression was slower at the start and the film was a bit less interesting. After the set up though the film hooked me and the progression was great.

Overall I really enjoyed Zodiac and I believe that it is a great crime thriller examining what it means to be obsessed with a case, and by taking everything I have said into consideration I rate this film:



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