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I haven't posted in a couple weeks and then I post twice in one evening (I actually watched three films today but the other one was a comedy which is harder to talk about and I'd seen it many times before so I'm not going to review it) which is a bit strange but that's how it worked out. The second film I watched today was Fast & Furious which is the fourth in the franchise and follows Dominic who after one of the members of the gang dies he decides to take vengeance, the trail leads him to a drug lord who is exactly the guy Brian is trying to take down so they work together to achieve their shared goal. Fast & Furious is directed by Justin Lin and stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, John Ortiz and Gal Gadot.

There are a few positives to this film which include: great action, solid acting, the plot progression is great and there are some intense scenes. One of the best parts of this franchise is the action which is really great and pulls the film together to make it a fun ride and it is no different in this instalment, the racing scenes are also great as they are tense and exciting. Everyone acts well in this film and pulls out a solid performance, it's a Fast & Furious film the acting isn't mind-blowing but none of it is bad.

On the side of negatives I have a couple, one of them is that I didn't really care for the characters as they are kind of invincible bad asses which is cool but removes some of the tension as you know the film is going to end happily this also makes the story very predictable which is never good. My other problem is the over the top action, the action scenes are really fun but they also have no physics present anywhere; the film shows great things like stuff exploding for no reason and scenes where the hero definitely should have died but didn't because reasons.

Overall I really enjoyed the film because I can look through the simple plot and dumb action scenes (looking for more of them in Furious 7) and can just enjoy the action film for what it is, not everything has to be serious it's fun sometimes just to switch my brain off or laugh at the film's stupidity. So taking into consideration everything I have said I rate this film:



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