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In Hotel Transylvania, Dracula built a hotel so his monster comrades and daughter Mavis could be safe from volatile humans. Years later when Mavis is about to turn 118 years old (18 in human years) she pleads her father to let her explore the outside world, but he's hesitant due to a tragic incident from his past. Suddenly, a human traveler named Johnny enters the resort and "zinged" (fell in love) with Mavis. And by the end of the film Drac learned that his prejudice was wrong and gave Mavis and Johnny his blessing. What was so incredible about HT was the stupendously fast paced and expressive animation (influenced by Genndy Tartakovsky's style), sweet romance story, tongue in cheek humor, and fitting cast. In fact, I personally think Adam Sandler's performance as Dracula is one of his finest.

Wayne, Murray, Dracula, Mavis and Frank
Wayne, Murray, Dracula, Mavis and Frank

Now, if you didn't know, a sequel is being released this year where Mavis and Johnny have gotten married and their son Dennis is discovering his monster roots (or lack thereof) with help from his grandfather, Dracula, and his buds. And while his vampire status is up in the air, his once bigoted grandpa and the other creatures still treat him like he's one of their own. Especially Winnie, Wayne's (Wolfman) daughter. In a recently released clip from HT2's Facebook page the young werewolf seems to be taken with Dennis as she smothers him with affection and even mentions the word "zing" a few times.

If Dennis does turn out to be human, could these two still end up together in the long run? Well, we won't find out 'til Hotel Transylvania 2 comes out next month on September 25! Check out its latest trailer below:


Do you see Dennis and Winnie becoming a couple?

Sources: Facebook and Youtube


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