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There are some things about our favorite heroes that have, over time, slipped under the radar. It seems like every other day a new fact surfaces, revealing something hilarious or just plain odd about our superhero idols. I'm here to share with you some of those facts, hoping to give you some laughs and a few surprises along the way.

1. Hal Jordan Is a Jewish-Catholic

Strong cases have been made that this Lantern is Catholic. In the comics Hal is seeing going to a Catholic Confessional, thinking to himself that he had not been to Confession since he was a kid. There is also evidence of Jordan being Jewish. In a DC Christmas special, he wishes Barry Allen a "Happy Chanukah." If that's not enough: In another issue, a mock Sinestro wonders why GL lives in a temple, when a godlike entity answers, "Of course, didn't you know he was Jewish?" Because of the evidence presented to us, we can assume that Hal Jordan is a Jewish-Catholic.

2. The 'Batman & Robin Are Gay' Theory Was Created to Destroy Comics

This one is actually pretty funny. The jokes concerning Batman and his "questionable relationship" with Robin all came from one man's insinuation. That man was Dr. Fredric Wertham, a therapist who was fixated on destroying the comic industry. He claimed that some of his patients were "sexually maladjusted individuals" because they read comics about Batman, claiming some even expressed romantic feelings for the Dark Knight.

3. Spider-Man Was Almost Called 'Fly-Man'

When Stan Lee was asked to create a new superhero to follow in the footsteps of the extremely popular Fantastic Four team, the legendary creator thought up Marvel's next big thing after spotting a fly on the wall. According to Lee himself, that got him thinking about a superhero that could stick to walls. 'Fly-Man' and 'Insect-Man' were a couple of his ideas on the hero's name before coming up with 'Spider-Man.'

4. Namor the Submariner Was the First Superhero to Fly

Contrary to popular belief, the Man of Steel wasn't the first superhero to fly. Remember those little wings on Namor's feet? They weren't just for swimming, my friend. Namor had already been flying when Superman was still only leaping tall buildings.

5. Superman Projected a Mini Version of Himself, and Then Murdered It

I find this little-known fact to be hilarious. The mini version of himself that Superman was able to project had all of his powers, and eventually, Superman got jealous about it... so he tried to kill the little guy! Wait, there's more... the scaled down version of Superman sacrificed himself to save Superman, the very guy who tried to murder him. What?! What big nobility in such a small package.

6. Stan Lee's Age of Ultron Cameo Was an Inside Joke

This one counts as a superhero fact simply because it about Stan the Man. His cameo in Age of Ultron as a war veteran attending Thor's farewell party, is poking fun at the fact that Stan had actually joined the Army when he was younger, but never went into battle.

7. Daredevil and Captain America Trained at the Same Gym

This is one cool Easter egg that you may have missed out on! Both the Super Soldier and the Man Without Fear trained at Fogwell's Gym. Cap is pictured above destroying heavy bag after heavy bag in The Avengers, along with a shot of Matt Murdock taking out some frustration in Netflix's Daredevil.

8. The Flash Once Beat Quicksilver in a Foot Race

That's right, folks. The Fastest Man Alive really proved himself to be just that, holding the title comfortably. After seemingly dying in 'Crisis on Infinite Earths,' Barry Allen ran over to the Marvel Universe and beat Quicksilver in a race. How cool is that?!

9. Daredevil Once Had a Sidekick

Daredevil once had a seeing-eye dog (not that he needed one) named Deuce the Devil Dog as a sidekick. That is until Matt's pal Foggy unfortunately loses the dog in a poker game. Priceless, but devastating.

10. Black Panther Once Put the Silver Surfer in a Chokehold

Even though T'Challa's power level is known to be only slightly higher than that of Captain America's, he was able to put the Silver Surfer - one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe - into a chokehold, that he actually had a hard time getting out of.

11. Captain America Once Attacked a Pantless Ronald Reagan

In 'Captain America #344,' a toxin turns President Reagan into a snake, and the Captain battles him in the Oval Office. Reagan strips down to his skivvies in order to morph into his snake form, and that's when Captain America attacks him with an American flag. Talk about patriotic!

12. Comic Book Fans Killed Jason Todd

You read that right. A couple thousand comic book fans are the ones to thank for Jason Todd's death. After a cliffhanger that ended with Robin being tied up in a warehouse where only Batman could save him, DC decided to set-up a toll free hotline that readers could vote to keep Jason Todd alive or mercilessly kill him off. With a final tally of 5,343 votes for this Robin's death to 5,271 kind votes for keeping him alive and well, Jason was brutally murdered by none other than the Joker. Of course, he came back as the ruthless Red Hood, and became a favorite character amongst fans all over again. I call for a storyline where Red Hood breaks the fourth wall and tracks down the fans who voted for his demise back in '88... I'd read that.

Did you learn something new?

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