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I mean I dont really see it necessary to kill off ALL three of them...I do however understand killing off someone major in the ULTIMATE FINALE of the Marvel Cinematic Universe...I mean to me, what would make the most sense, Would be to kill off Cap since he dies at the end of Civil War Anyway but I doubt the movie will follow the same Arch..I also could see thor being killed and being brought back to life somehow either by Dr Banners hand or Tony Starks Hand...I'm still unsure how the whole Civil War movie is going to play out and honestly I Know in the books Stark is made out to be the bad guy but I find it hard to hate Iron Man no matter what...I also think MCU should bring EVERYONE IN for the inifinity war movies..and by everyone!!If by the second movie Thanos possesses the Infinity gauntlet with ALL of the Infinity Stones They really shouldnt hold ANYONE back..From Spider-Man to Iron Man to Cap to Vision to Dr that point they are basically pitted up against an actual god and it SHOULD take the entire MCU to defeat him...Even if there are X_men Cameos that might be a tad over the line but i would still understand it...Basically i would say GO FOR IT GUYS..Everyone except the X-men characters since there off fighting Apocalypse..My Dream Avenger Squad for Infinity Wars(and this is in total..saying that some of them may perish in the battle)would be Thor,Captain America,Iron Man,Hulk,Black Widow,Hawk Eye,Vision,Nick Fury, Quick Silver,Scarlet Witch,War Machine,Winter Soldier,Captain Marvel,Black Panther,Spider Man,Guardians of the Galaxy(all of them),Ant-Man,Dr Strange,Dare-Devil,Nova,Punisher and POSSIBLY the fantastic 4 but I could do without them...I mean Obviously these movies are fantasy first and foremost however even in fantasy for a groupof "Humans" Evolved or not in order to take on the most powerful being in the universe your gonna need EVERYONE to take them down!!!! just my 2 cents thanks for reading -Tyler


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