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With the announcement that Batman: The Killing Joke is going to be made into an animated movie, and recently re-reading the Batman novel No Man's Land, I go to thinking what Batman novels would make good animated films. So without further to do, here are my 5 Batman novels that should be animated films.

Batman: War Games (Spoilers if you haven't read it yet)

The War Games novel is one of my personal favorites. As an animated film I think it would work great. We would get to see Stephanie Brown in action, which we have yet to see on screen. The film could start out with her as Robin, show her getting fired from that job, and then her ultimate demise to prove her worth to Batman. It could also explore her relationship with Tim Drake, who hasn't really gotten to explore his relationships on screen like his predecessor, Dick Grayson, has. The ending to the movie would also be different than other DC movies, as it wouldn't really have a "Happy Ending", given that she dies in the end. I know that she eventually comes back, but I would not show that in this movie.It could also be split into three acts, like the novel is, which I personally think would be cool to see.

Batman: No Man's Land

Let me start by saying that I think this novel is overdue for its own animated film. I think that this is one of the best Batman novels there is, and it would make an incredible story for an animated film. Because it is so lengthy, it would probably have to be split into multiple parts, such as the Dark Knight Returns film. IT would also give screen time to characters who haven't had it much before, such as Cassandra Cain. I think it would also be neat to explore the relationship that Commissioner Gordon has with his wife, which is often shown in the novel. The internal struggle that Gordon has with some of his decisions would also be great to see on screen. Next, we have...

Batman: Death of the Family

This is one of my favorite Joker stories there is. As an animated film, I think it would be nice to see how the Joker manipulates the bat family, and attempts to take them down one by one. It would also show the rocky relationship that Batman has with his teammates, and it would also be a cameo galore. It would be the first film to show Red Hood alongside his fellow teammates, along with showing Alfred in a little action. I think that this movie would be fun to see in animated form, as we would get to see the characters in ways we haven't seen before. I also think the fight scene at the end with Batman and Joker would be fantastic in animated form. Next up...

Batman: A Death in the Family

This novel is probably more overdue for a film than any Batman novel there is. It's a great, tragic storyline that would be amazing to see in an animated movie. It could also serve as a backstory to the Under the Red Hood Movie. It would get to show Batman's desire to finally end the Joker, which he greatly shows in this novel. It would show the heartache he feels when Jason is killed. I would also love to see Bruce and Jason's relationship as Batman and Robin shown for the first time on film. Finally, we have...

Batman: Court of Owls

I love this storyline. I think the story is fantastic, and would be incredibly well suited for an animated film. It would be a nice way to tell a story that we don't get to see explored too often in Batman films. It would make a wonderful dark and gritty film.

But that's what I think, I want to hear what you think! So let me know in the comments below what you think is the best choice!


What Batman novel do YOU want to see made into an animated film?


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