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A stoner with no ambition, Mike Howell is quickly going nowhere fast as he tries to strengthen his life by marrying long time girlfriend Phoebe, after confusing metaphorical conversation about a stopping tree and a car we are taken for a wild ride! Quickly learning that Mike is actually a highly trained sleeper assassin created and then shut down by the CIA we are taken for a wild ride! With Nima Nourizadeh's time in the director's chair, the audience is taken in a completely different direction than Project X. American Ultra is a movie where mindless humor and graphic violence meet in a fun and quirky way. The chemistry between cast members is surprisingly strong, and the Kristen Stewart/Jesse Eisenberg mix makes it clear that both thespians have a long career ahead of them. Topher Grace is trying to break out of his "That '70s Show" role and continues to stumble along as he carries much of his Eric Foreman personality onto another set. John Leguizamo stole the show as Mike's (Eisenberg) dealer, the craziness and paranoia of his character provide an off the wall, in your face humor that keep the audience laughing without the contribution of Mike or Phoebe.

Though the movie is funny with the adventure's of Mike and Phoebe, I couldn't help but feel that the movie was trying work outside of its box. There were a few side storylines that weren't wrapped up and some of the introductions were never fully explained. This film did very well in the first 45-60 minutes of the film, and then it took a weird turn. I felt that during the last act of the movie some of the dialogue, and character decisions made no sense. We get a bit of cheesiness and some scenes in the movie really make you cringe with the awkwardness of the delivery. At times you find yourself wondering if something was in the script or if it was improvised.

Overall the movie was more fun and creative than it was anything else. The solid performances by each actor and actress make this film worth seeing. I was surprised by the acting of Kristen Stewart and as always Jesse Eisenberg is a pleasure to watch. Surrounded by a solid supporting cast, this movie is enjoyable and a worthy pick to occupy those last weeks of the summer when you're trying to find something to do.


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