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When I first started in youtube I admit I was a troll and a year later in 2009 I decided to talk about movies that no one do not want to talk about.

I became MovieBuffer, DVDMovieBuffer ..which I was known for the most, DVDMovieBufferBX, GhettoJester13, MegaWhackMan, GhettoPizza, GhettoPizzaBX and so many screen name.

Decided to call it quits and I want to be done doing video blogs on youtube there are so many reason for my choices why I don't want to continue in doing this hobby.

One is my Job with the new over work time slot I do not have the time as I use to in video blogging. Two I'm just tired of seeing nothing original in the youtube community especially in the movie community I am very sorry for coming off as a hater. Three I have my personal issues with my health and need to rebuild myself. Four tired of youtube stirkes on stupid things but read below why plus so many more reasons so I will leave it with that.

I was planning in continue to video blog on a non youtube video site because youtube can't be the only place to do videos. But like youtube there is always a trial and error so there were no different.

Meet bad people on the internet and also I meet the good people on the internet and I'm so happy to meet them online. To the friends, supporters, subscrbers and the viewers even one views count also.

Thank You for giving me a chance to showcase my video blogging work.

DVDMovieBuffer aka too many screen names. R.I.P. 2008-2015


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