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First the best season for me:

1- Season 3A (Rating 10/10)

The acting was the best, the alpha pack and the Darach story and Scott becoming an Alpha was amazing.

2- Season 2 (Rating 9/10)

Introducing the Kanima, and making Jackson a bigger douch from Episode 1 to 6. Introducing Isaac. Then from episode 6 to 12, u can see that Jackson actually is human and cares about some people. And that he loves Lydia.

3- Season 5 (Rating 8,5/10)

The story started very good. It does get a bit boring in Episode 5 and 6. But it's a very good story, great action, but they are fucking up Scott.

4- Season 3B (Rating 8/10)

Void Stiles was actually the only thing i liked about it. Less Isaac and Scott. Less Scott and the real Stiles. Derek failing. Great story, but it wasn't the best.

5- Season 1 (Rating 7/10)

I liked it when i started watching it, but if i watch it again, i get bored a bit.

6- Season 4 (Rating 7/10)

They failed it by making Meredith and Peter the rivals. If Peter and Kate were the real rivals, and would end with them fighting Scott, when Derek is dying and Stiles and Liam fighting Berserkers. Malia and Kira fighting something else. And Parrish and Lydia searching or the benefactor, would have been better. But it wasn't as bad as everybody says.

Then if Jackson or Ethan won't return?

Then i think this Season 5B is stupid and will get a downgrade by me. They made it seem like someone big from the past was returning and Aiden as an hallucination returns for 1 episode and maybe 2 more but as a hallucination. I think if really nobody returns that they disappoint me and more people. I hope for Jackson, because Isaac was confirmed not returning for Season 5 or 6.

Also it is a rumour that Arden Cho and Holland Roden told some magazine interviewer that MTV doesn't only wants a season 6. They want more, a lot more. Jeff Davis at Comic-Con also said "U guys want to do a FEW more?". Arden Cho said "I don't know what will happen in season 6, because it was supposed to be the last, but Season 6 and 7 will follow up". Holland Roden said "I know that MTV isn't just planning a Season 6 for 2016. But also has plans more in the future like 2017, 2018 and maybe even 2019. I know that Season 6 isn't the last, Teen Wolf is still the biggest show on MTV with 1.2 Million views on Season 5 it still beats Scream 850K and Finding Carter 710K. It has plans for some more seasons than 6".

Is it true? I don't know. But i do believe that the show is still the best. And that MTV hasn't only plans for Season 6.


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