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Ever have that friend, classmate, or coworker talk about how weak, lackluster, or dumb a superhero movie is? I have, and I don't agree. I think that superhero movies great, and some of my favorite movies of all time are superhero movies!

Most people that hate superhero movies haven't seen one worth seeing. They may never have seen one at all.

I'm here to say that movies hold some of the greatest opportunities for film making. What do you look for in movies? Escapism? Action? Inspiration? Humor? Superhero movies have all of that and more.

What better way to escape your stressful job or boring day to days than by watching Superman put on his cape and joining him as he takes to the skies to save the day?

Let your imagination soar.
Let your imagination soar.

Who could forget the incredible action from Captain America: The Winter Soldier? If you want blood-pumping action, then look no further!

Maybe action isn't for you. Maybe you don't want to escape into another world. Maybe your somebody that wants a movie with deeper meanings and interpretations. Something with a moving plot that will inspire you.

The Dark Knight is the pinnacle of a thoughtful superhero movie. Who wasn't moved by the heroism Batman displayed as he went up against the Joker and the evil of Gotham. Chaos, justice, vengeance, power, loyalty and more are all pieces that were thoughtfully arranged in this epic film.

This provoked audiences to question if people are good or evil to the core. Do they seek order or chaos? How much power is too much power? Can anyone really turn evil? Does that mean that anyone can turn good? Are justice and vengeance so different, or are they just two sides of the same coin?

Do you want to take that chance?
Do you want to take that chance?

And of course, there's humor. If there is anything that people think about when it comes to superhero movies it's probably humor and action. Lots of films hit this hammer on the head, especially over at Marvel Studios. One of their most hilarious adventures has got to be 2014's third highest grossing film "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Who wasn't coughing on their popcorn while listening to these characters go back and forth with each other while also developing themselves and guarding the galaxy?

However, there are still some people that hate comic book and superhero movies with a passion, and it could be surprising to find out who those people are because these people love the characters more than anyone else. These people are avid comic readers.

For example, anyone who has read the GotG comics will know that the movie characters and the comic characters are vastly different. I have heard from people passionate about the comic. They are worried that Marvel is turning a treasure of theirs into a joke for money.

This isn't the case. We shouldn't get hung up on the decisions the studio makes to take liberties with their characters. This is just a new take on the team, and it has allowed more people to fall in love with these characters, and it can act as a gateway so that people can become so interested in these characters that they actually pick up the comics; they can follow a story that they otherwise would never have heard of.

So, why can't we just sit back and enjoy some of these movies at least half as much as these guys enjoy making them?

All this being said, not every superhero movie is meant for everyone. If you don't like action, then don't go to one that you know is relying on action. If you just want to laugh, then don't look up the Batman trilogy. Superhero movies are a broad spectrum. There are films that are good, bad, exciting, thoughtful, funny, and anything else. The only one superhero movies haven't hit yet is horror, and that's surely not going to last forever.

There are a lot of great components to superhero movies, and there are a lot of critics out there whom may or may not change their opinions if exposed to the right films. At least look at the genre you like and give the films that fall within that genre a chance. I love these movies and will continue to watch them. Maybe I'll get my skeptical friends to come with me one day. It's not the end of the world if they don't show up. If it were, then that would be a job for someone else.


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