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Of all of the horror cult movies that have gone on to get ridiculous numbers of sequels, there have not been any with quite the... erm... style, that the Chucky series has. It's a strange enough concept, although to be fair many people are absolutely terrified of dolls, and so why not?

The very first Chucky film, Child's Play, had never crossed my path before. I watched one of the others, maybe the third, when I was young, and a few months back I saw Seed of Chucky, but this one I decided was worth a go, just because it was able to spawn so many awful sequels.

So, Child's Play starts off with Mike Norris (Chris Sarandon) a detective chasing a killer down a street and into a toy store. The killer, after being shot, falls into a pile of dolls, and, having obviously visited some sort of voodoo master previously, used black magic of some kind to put his spirit or soul or something into one of the dolls.

This doll, God knows how, ends up in the trolley of a street seller, and is bought by Karen Barclay (Catherine Hicks) for her son Andy (Alex Vincent). What follows is a series of strange events, culminating in two deaths, which the police suspect Andy for, due to his insistance that Chucky did it. It falls to Karen, after discovering the truth, to try and convince Mike, and stop the killer doll before her son is put away, or worse!

This film wasn't particularly scary, or funny, or good. Arguably it did spawn the style of horror that you see in many films today, not so much the doll thing in itself, but the times were someone is thought to be crazy because of something so ridiculous. It is certainly a good way to do a horror, and you have to give credit to Child's Play for making it kind of work. Honestly, I don't see the appeal in it myself, and wouldn't particularly recommend it, although I do see why it has the cult following that enables so many sequels.

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