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This is going to be a rather personal article, I hope you, fellow co-pilots stay till the end to read it, and finish off with a smile. Now, there is a video portion to this article as well. That link will be at the end of the article as well.

The one thing, out of many things, the Batman films lack, is character study. No live-action film has explored the question that is 'Is Bruce Wayne Batman? Or is Batman, Bruce Wayne?' What's the more dominant personality? I hope that Ben Affleck's Batman V Superman explores those elements.

It was almost exactly two years ago, my film school thesis was about to go into production, there was a massive elephant in the room however, being that we had only secured less than fifty percent of our production budget. Not good. My screenplay was picked alongside three others, out of a total of twenty. It was a western.

We organized an inevitable failure of a fundraiser, and that's when it began, a two year journey of pain, sadness, and stress. Along with those, I experienced my first hallucinations out of sleep deprivation, voices in my head, forgetting my identity, and the most terrifying of all, suicidal tendencies.

Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne.
Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne.
'That's how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of helplessness. That turns good men ... cruel.'
- Alfred Pennyworth

Nowadays, depression has become more and more prevalent in twenty year olds. What is the main cause for this? Now, I don't have the answers for that. I have the answers that caused it for myself.

Social Media is a major factor, how many times have we gone out, and tell ourselves 'Oh my god, everyone's on their phone.' only to pull out our own cellphones to check who sent us a new Snapchat, Tweet or Notification.

Information. We have too much of it, and it's too easily obtained. To give a random example. Who takes the time to remember phone numbers anymore? You lose your cellphone, welp, basically get new friends. A more serious example, would be Google, it's literally too easy to get information about anything and anyone. It's annoying when you don't know everything, especially when it's relatively easy to today.

Loving Things, not People. It should be the other way around to enjoy this beautiful thing called life. It's understandable though, how people can find such entertainment and information so easily nowadays. But, it hurts people around you much more than it hurts yourself. A lot of people were guilty in my life that sin.

Living in the past. Is there anything more that needs to be said? The now is a powerful place, accept this moment as it is, nothing will harm you.

Overthinking the Future. How bad can it get? Enjoy today, thinking about the future only makes you lose enjoyment of the moment at hand.

Forgetting why you started. I came to film school in 2010, at the age of 19. I came to make great films. I, and at times, all of us forget how far we've come. We forget all the hard work we put in to get where we are right now, just because we want to be someplace else. Some place that is merely a figment of our imagination. Our perfect future plan. We are so adamant at imagining that part of our lives, that we forget the actual struggle it takes to get there. Perfection comes from thousands of imperfections, when that information hit me, I basically told myself, why should I go on? That's when I remembered why I started.

Batman's rule. His stories. The power and self control that character possesses is truly magnificent. Everytime this guy gets down, he gets up. When Bane broke his back, he came back, saved the city, whooped Bane, and even used his own one liner against him.

'It does not matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop.'
- Confucius
The man that broke the bat.
The man that broke the bat.

Batman came back from this setback, and took control of his city from Bane.

An accurate representation of Depression.
An accurate representation of Depression.

The latest video game involving Batman, titled Batman: Arkham Knight features The Joker. As a hallucination. Batman's worst fear is implied to be The Joker taking over him, and he comes ever so close.

One of my favorite scenes in the game is when Joker persuades him to kill Scarecrow. Throughout the whole game, Joker is haunting him and inching him ever so close to that line Batman never crosses. Watch the video below, to see this character's worst fear take over him.

This is what I meant by hearing voices, none of the voices I was hearing were as bad as The Joker, thank god.

Brilliant Voice work by everyone involved in the game. Especially John Noble as Scarecrow.

It's so uncharacteristic of Batman, doing the things he did in this game, and that makes for an excellent character study. The creators of the game asked themselves 'What would Batman never do?' and made him do it. Brilliant.

They put him through an identity crisis. Speaking of those, they're pretty terrible. Constant questioning of who you are. Wondering every day as to what happened. Why things turned out the way they did. Not recognizing the person you see in the mirror.

It's all pretty scary stuff, and it happens. It happens to everyone, some people get hit severely, and others not so bad. But I truly believe everyone has a point in their life where they question who they are? Then they find a way to control their inner voice, their ego, and make it a friend, instead of an enemy.

Our character, Batman, in one of my favorite comic books, The Dark Knight Returns, beats his identity crisis by giving in to who he is. He stops denying who or what he is, and controls himself and his inner voices. This is best seen in the comic book I mentioned, which was adapted into two excellent animated films.

The Dark Knight Returns is a must watch and must read for any fan of Batman. It's a special story for many reasons, but the main reason being that it follows Bruce Wayne in his 50's, his past now happens to be his memories of Batman, as well as what caused him to take up the mantle. His parents' death.

The past should not rule over our present.
The past should not rule over our present.

We should look at our past as a lead up to our present, not to our future. The human condition will always look at what it has yet to accomplish, it will never appreciate what it has accomplished so far.

Be proud of what you've done. Like just a week ago, one of my articles were read by over 20,000 of you fellow co-pilots. I was ecstatic about that, I still am. Seriously, I was so proud that, that happened. Know that you are capable of great things, and acknowledge when great things happen to you.

Also the past can be a good thing. Not necessarily for you, but others. I mean, look at Batman, the worst to thing to ever happen to a little eight year old Bruce Wayne ended up being the greatest thing for Gotham City. Can you imagine a Gotham without Batman?

Things get bad.
Things get bad.

Things get bad, for everyone. Heartbreak. Pain. Loss. Things not going according to plan. It happens, it's supposed to happen, no one who's ever done anything worth doing or living has had an easy road, it does not exist.

Be the Batman.
Be the Batman.

I have loved Batman ever since I was a little child, and the more I grow up, I feel I got to know him as an actual person. He is an inspiration, he helps me live better, just knowing that a man who chooses to fight crime his way, the right way, the only way, gives me a ton of hope.

I thank you for reading, sticking around till the end of this article. Means a ton to me. Apologies, if it was too self-centered, but I'd like everyone to know, depression is beatable, surround yourself with good people, do good things, and most of all talk about your problems, it's important.

I have a lot of friends, I had very few great friends who would listen to my issues, and thank god, I had Batman. I re-read Batman: Under The Red Hood, and a Wolverine comic named Old Man Logan during the time I got off my butt and began my journey onto beating this. Those books and characters got me through some dark nights (Hehe, Dark Knight). I am so glad those pieces of entertainment were available for me.

The video portion of this article is embedded below:

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Yes, Batman is a fictional character. But that character has been written by very non fictional writers. Every writer puts a part of him or herself in the character, meaning who knows, maybe the writers have gone through the same stuff Batman goes through? If they can beat it, so can I.

Thanks again for reading co-pilots. Feel free to connect with me and speak about Batman, Movies or actually anything. Remember to love yourselves.



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