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I very much enjoyed the movie when i first saw it. I saw many familiar faces of actors I've seen in various other movies and shows, each one filled the part flawlessly! When I first saw the movie, it was a spur of the moment pop up on tv in the early a.m. I already couldnt sleep and i read the discription on the info box for the channel that it was airing and it seemed pretty interesting. I'm a sucker for anything mythical, magical and otherworldly :) When i had first seen the movie on tv it had already been playing, so i eagrly investigated when the next time and channel it would be airing and waited patiently. I had never known about this movie, nor had i even been aware of the exsistance of the book series so you could imagine how dumbfounded i was that such a great series had escaped my knowledge. The movie captured my attention to the very end just as the book did! I found myself utterly glued! Since then I've been eagrly awaiting any word of the production of a second movie. I've been seeing so many mixed signals online about this and it's left me cofused as to which direction the series is going to be taking, if it's being taken anywhere at all. I would really love to see another movie as I'm sure many fans would! Same cast, same sexy Jace Wayland, same everything! Even if the series is fated to become a tv series, I seriously hope they keep the same cast as the movie. Seeing a different cast just wont be the same as the cast fans, as well as myself, are so attached to now. But if you ask me, a movie series is the way to go. We already have so many tv shows like The Vampire Diaries, and The Orignals and Teen Wolf. I think what the fans need is a great movie series that bring out the action and suspense and unrequited romance ;) Capture us! We've aready had a taste of the movie, so why change it now? By the Angel....end our suspense and suffering!


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