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If you are a Whovian and you thought that today would be a perfectly normal day for you, then you are wrong. Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor, revelead more news about Series 9 which is going to premiere on 19th September on BBC One! According to the 12th Doctor will have a brand new accessory:

"I’ve got sonic sunglasses, it wasn’t my idea but I like it, I get free Ray-Bans now. I was just wearing shades because it was sunny, and I was Doctor Who and it looked cool."

How amazing is that? Sonic Sunglasses! Wow! I think it's an awesome idea! Do you remember the 11th Doctor's sonic cane in the episode of series 6 ''Let's Kill Hitler''?

''Let's Kill Hitler''
''Let's Kill Hitler''

I'm so excited about this! Capaldi also talked about trousers!

"In the Christmas special we were in the Antarctic so I thought I’d better put a hoody on and I quite liked it.

"I thought we’d get some more of those, and started playing around with that. So he’s loosening up a bit more this series, but sometimes he does go back to his more severe look.

"And there are a few trousery things – but that will become clear when you see the show."
Doctor's Sonic Sunglasses and New Trousers
Doctor's Sonic Sunglasses and New Trousers

Wow! Just awesome! Last but not least, Peter Caladi talked about his hair:

"I’ve always wanted my hair to be longer.

"It always has to be a decisive change in the first series, and Matt (Smith) being so friendly and open they wanted to make a marked difference. It just grows and I’m lucky it’s still there.

"Some people may think I was going for the full Pertwee bouffant, and it’s almost there."
Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor
Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor
"I don’t think I’m the biggest fan, the knowledge on set is immense, joking aside it's great that there are so many people who love the show who make it, to be honest I think that’s why it’s been successful.

"It’s made by people who love it and that means they will go the extra mile. There’s a lot of big fans on the show."

Well, guys! Obviously season 9 will be spectatular! I can't wait to see it! Can you? I'm sure you can't, so here's the awesome trailer for series 9!



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