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DC is infamous for rebooting their entire universe. It's not what everyone would prefer, but sooner or later, we all come to grips with the changes. New storylines, new characters, and the one thing I sometimes look forward to the most: new costumes. (Heads Up: This list is heavy on Batman and Superman!)

1. The New 52 Justice League

The Justice League - along with the rest of the DC Universe - was revamped in 2011, and written by the talented Geoff Johns and drawn by the astounding Jim Lee. The heroes all came back with new looks that didn't disappoint.

2. Batman Beyond

An old Bruce Wayne wore this technologically advanced batsuit, before giving up his life of crime fighting. That's when a young and ambitious Terry McGinnis stole the suit to avenge his father's death. Eventually, McGinnis earned the suit, as well as Bruce's trust to become the next Batman.

3. Kingdom Come Superman


Superman wore this amazing suit in the popular miniseries Kingdom Come. I'm really digging the emblem, as well as those grey streaks. Mr. Fantastic can't match that.

4. White Lantern Batman

Batman becomes a White Lantern in the storyline In Brightest Day. Even though he's also been a Yellow Lantern and a Green Lantern, Batman's white suit is the cleanest!

5. Superman Beyond

As Superman ponders wether or not the world still needs him, Metropolis begins to slip, becoming more like Gotham in Superman Beyond. In this storyline, Superman ditches the cape and takes on a much darker, sleeker look.

6. Earth 2 Doctor Fate

On an alternate Earth, Doctor Fate has a much more impressive appearance. His suit seems to be made of space, and his golden armor shines like no other.

7. Tim Drake's Red Robin

After Dick Grayson took up the mantle of Batman, and Damian Wayne took the title of Robin, Tim Drake became the new Red Robin while searching for Bruce Wayne. The missing cowl, and the addition of the wings are my favorite things about this suit!

8. Batman: Hush

The Caped Crusader wore this gem in the fantastic Hush story arc. Colorist Alex Sinclair brought elements from the Silver Age (notice the blue cape and cowl) to this suit, and made it work in a darker and grittier universe.

9. Tony S. Daniel & Sandu Florea's Deathstroke

Our favorite mercenary - in the DC Universe at least - decided to tack on the armor in his own series. This suit makes Deathstroke look more menacing than before!

So what do you folks think?


Which one was your favorite?


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