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Ever wondered what some of our favorite Disney women would look like if the animators had shown them aged? What would they look like if they'd grown up with us? I decided to do some sketches and see! I hope you like them:


To make someone look older, you just have to add lines in the right places. It was really weird after adding the lines under her eyes - it instantly made her look older.


I was unsure how to make Alice look older because she is so young in the film, but I think putting her long blonde hair in a bun has helped. She looks like a little old lady!


It was really hard to age Belle! No matter how many lines I added to the face she still looked young, so that's why she has so many - now she looks older than all of them!


I thought about doing something with Esmeralda's hair, but I loved it too much to do anything - it was a lot of fun to draw and color in. The only thing with this drawing is I wish I could have done her skin a little darker, but I didn't have the right color - never mind! I think I enjoyed drawing her the most.


As much as I love her long red hair, it's what makes Ariel look young, so I decided to put it in a low thick bun, but keep the blue bow. This one is my personal favorite.

Thanks for checking out my sketches! I know they're not perfect but they were fun to do, and it was really strange but cool to see some of my favorite Disney characters as older women. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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