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During today's Q&A panel at Wizard World Chicago, Stephen Amell had a number of questions directed at previous comments he'd made, asking whether he still felt that way.

One such comment was a remark that he thought the idea of a romance between Oliver Queen and either Laurel or Sara Lance had likely run its course, in spite of remarks from showrunners at one point that Laurel was most likely the person Oliver would end up with, due to their relationship in the comics.

His response? A slightly less definitive "it's over." But still, as far as he's concerned, it's over.

"I'm on a show where people come back from the dead," he joked. "I think saying never is probably not the best idea....I doubt it, but I will never say never."

Of course, that doesn't mean things will be smooth between Oliver and his current girlfriend, Felicity Smoak. Another fan noted that last season, Amell described Felicity as "the only woman in Oliver's life" in Season Three. Not so in Season Four, Amell teased -- and that's all he had to say.

Of course, the show has cast Elysia Rotaru as a new love interest for Oliver in the upcoming fourth season of the the flashbacks. Her character is likely, but not yet guaranteed, to recur in the current day and if she does recur she's likely, but not yet guaranteed, to be a thorn in Ollie's side.

Of course, Amell has also teased that it's likely he'll find out about his son this season...!

And of course, one person to come back from the dead -- again -- will be Sara Lance herself, due to appear in the show's fifth episode this season, "Haunted." That season, currently filming, will feature John Constantine, played by Matt Ryan, reprising his role from last season's Constantine.

It's generally assumed, though, that if Sara has a relationship at all after her return, it will likely be with Nyssa Raatko, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, with whom she shared a relationship during her time in the League of Assassins. Nyssa is generally assumed to be the one who will attempt to revive Sara via the Lazarus Pit, although it's possible that Malcolm Merlyn, newly appointed Ra's al Ghul himself, will do it in order to quell potentially rebellious sentiment that Nyssa could be fomenting among the League, since he's the one who murdered Sara to begin with.


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