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Booster Gold is a cocky, brash, time-traveling show-off from the future. He comes back in time hoping to use his knowledge of future events, along with his technologically advanced gear, to become THE penultimate hero of our time. He does eventually learn there is more to being a hero than fame, wealth, and popularity.

Fans love the character, and he had been rumored to be getting his own TV series on SyFy at one time, he was also rumored to be a part of [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) on the CW. But who could ever truly bring this personality to life?

Well, this weekend at Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, one fan favorite sci-fi actor threw his name in the ring, wanting to bring our intrepid future man to life:

That's right folks, none other than the man himself, Nathan Fillion. When asked what character, Marvel or DC, he would like to play if he could pick, he answered:

“I think I could take a pretty good crack at Booster Gold,” said Fillion. “That’s kind of my niche… show-offy, vain. I think I could handle that… not too bright.”

Sounds pretty accurate to me. In the last decade Fillion has become an absolute legend in the sci-fi community, and is a fan favorite. His role as Captain Mal Reynolds on Firefly and it's feature film adaptation Serenity is a classic. He is also well-known in the superhero community for his voice-work for DC, most notably as Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

However, don't think Fillion is lumping his hero eggs in just one basket. He likes to leave his options open, offering up some other hero possibilities saying:

“I think Ambush Bug. Remember that guy? Little bit off his rocker. You’d never see my face,” added Filion. “But I think Greatest American Hero is due for a reboot.”

So, what do you think? Would Nathan Fillion be the perfect Booster Gold?


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