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Last week, I wrote an article titled: He'll Be Back: Why we Shouldn't Write off Terminator Genisys or Terminator 6 where I claimed that good takings in China could push Paramount to greenlight Terminator 6 (or Genisys 2). Now the day has come and Terminator Genisys has landed at the Chinese Box Office in vintage Terminator fashion...with a bang!

The midnight screening of the film, brought in around $2.2 million and after it's first day of release, the film has already grossed a whopping $27.4 million! According to Forbes this places Terminator Genisys fourth in the biggest debuts for a US movie ever in China, just behind Transformers 2 ($30m), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($33.9m), and Furious 7 ($63m).

This is fantastic news for the film, which even had a higher opening day in China than the juggernaut Jurassic World. The total gross of the film now stands at $353,090,000. It looks like China still does have a soft spot for Arnold Schwarzenegger and quite frankly, I don't blame them! This is the kind of news we were hoping to hear about Terminator Genisys all along!

Smiles all around: Image courtesy of Paramount
Smiles all around: Image courtesy of Paramount

If this keeps up, it really does look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and co. will be back for 'Terminator 2' (working title) on May 19, 2017!


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