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One of the most anticipated team-ups in movie history is on its way, beginning with Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice next year with added Justice League members in Cyborg, Aquaman and of course Wonder Woman.

It nearly happened before. Long before Zack Snyder decided to have Superman "go there" and snap a neck, when Ben Affleck was just a disappointing Daredevil rather than our new Batman, there was a Justice League movie being made.

Not just any movie, but a Sin City-esque CG/Live Action version directed by Mad Max's George Miller!

This went a LONG way into the process with most of the JLA being cast, including Armie Hammer (The current Supes' partner in Man From U.N.C.L.E) as Batman, DJ Cotrona as Superman and even Jay Baruchel as Maxwell Lord (that Jesse Eisenberg casting isn't quite so random now eh?), and perhaps the most awesome casting.

True to his regular form, Miller was planning to use Hugh Keays-Byrne of Toecutter/Immortan Joe fame as J'onn J'onze/Martian Manhunter.

Anyone who has seen his roles in the Mad Max movies knows how good this guy is at getting into a character and playing otherworldly oddballs.

Something went wrong however, the project was VERY suddenly put into development hell and then quietly dropped in favor of Snyder's live action vision. In many ways it's worked out as we will now see a JLA movie in a few years time.

Most interesting is the rumor that Miller may well be in the director's chair for the sequel to Man Of Steel. He could still be the guy who directs Justice League or if they give it to Affleck, at least be involved as an exec-producer.

There is even talk of, as with Tim Burton's aborted Superman flick, a documentary about Miller's movie.

While this is all still currently in rumor territory, from Warner/DC's perspective it's a bit of a no-brainer. Miller has just taken a 30 year old franchise and not only reinvented it successfully, but made a damn good movie to boot. After the criticisms leveled at Snyder's first movie, they could do a lot worse than give it to Miller.


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