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Colton who is 27 now. Is willing to play any role he can get.

Our cute nice Colton wants to do anything.

He gave himself up as The Arrow, to fake his death and leave the show as a main Character.

Colton Haynes (27)

Do u know what he wants?

He want to play Jackson again, in Season 5B. And the other season but not as a regular.

The movie Triumph, he has the lead. He wants to do movies. He also enjoys playing a teen.

He wants to play Roy Harper in The Flash for 2 episodes or something.

He wants to play Roy Harper/Arsenal in Arrow too. But as a recurring character. For 5 episodes or something.

If TNT Titans/Blackbirds somehow ends up with Roy Harper as a recurring character, he wants to play Roy Harper for 50% of the episodes, Of 23, 11 Episodes. TNT and CW get toghetter a lot. Also DC TV Shows are all from Warner Bros.

Colton Haynes wants to do Sci-Fi and Fantasy a lot. So DC's Legends of Tomorrow maybe needs him for some episodes. Maybe 4 or something.

American Horror Story want Colton to play a populair young man on the show, but does he agree?

Colton Haynes (27) enjoys playing Roy Harper, he wants to play in more than 1 show, but nowhere as a regular or just guest appereance. He wants to play Roy in every DC Show. And go back to every show, like at the end Roy travels a lot and helps in every city and maybe after doing that for 2016 and maybe 2017 he wants his own Arsenal or already Red Arrow show. He wants to do 30 Episodes for 6 DC Shows or something. What would be 3 Months filming and when Arrow and Flash stop filming DC Legends of Tomorrow and Teen Wolf start. So he can easily work everything out, even with American Horror Story what's kind off in between and Titans would be arround when every show is airing or done filming. Triumph is already over 40%. He can easily work this out with 9 Months hard work and maybe 2 months break and start again. Colton enjoys working and being on TV and the big screen. Colton is going to be big, the words of Stephen Amell, Tyler Posey, Jeff Davis, etc...


Where do u want to see Colton in the future?


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