ByTrinity Hall, writer at

Like I'm 16 and enjoy lots of horror movies I'm very advanced with technology and hacked so I could watch this movie I've been dying to see since me and everyone in my highschool thought I'd be so good.

The only thing this would scare are 12 year olds but it's rated R so they can't see it.It's plot is horrible. I'm a writer of 15 books and could do much better.

For one they left out parts in the trailer and never give reason for their chat and why the fudge can a ghost hack Skype without the million dollar company knowing

But who cares about that it ended to short shouldn't have started at computer and no one in audience can get attached it should have started at their highschool then have strange things happen to them that's scary in few weeks mostly Blaire at first like one example Lora's locker starts slamming wildly late at night after Blaire went back to get something and then show shadow of girl demon which chases her screaming then disappears and she runs into car it's gone she sighs only to scream seeing it on side window she drives off wildy tells her friends they think she's hallucinating cause of her Bff death and after strange effects start happening in school and to them they decide to go on school trip after that it stops only to get weird email from each person in their group for Skype chat they never requested then Lora I'm 16 u should have had me write the plot now that's horror


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