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James Wood

How do you top a film like Marvel’s Avengers Assemble? You add more Avengers, make the climactic battle even bigger and make sure Joss Whedon is directing, then you get Age of Ultron, a sequel that does the impossible and tops the first film, even if by a little bit. This is probably the biggest and most star-studded film of 2015, and yet another billion dollar money maker.

The minute the film starts action unfolds, the entire team of Avengers storm a forest base filled with Hydra troops in what is probably the most epic and full-on opening scene of 2015, there is a glorious shot in slow motion where the team jump off bikes and do what they do best in mid-air, followed by some of the most inventive trick kills, one that sees Thor and Captain use their hammer and shield to blast a shockwave at a tank! The imagination and thought that goes into this one scene is like a preview of what follows. A massive, action packed sequel that has one of the finest finales in which the sentient robot Ultron uses the land mass of Sokovia as a meteorite, one that will drop to Earth in order to annihilate our species and keep the peace which involves wiping us out. There’s action by the bucket load, the Hulk-buster sequence is earth shattering greatness and the lorry chase is the most grounded and raw moment here where the threat is very real and the characters genuinely feel in peril.

The returning cast work wonders with their characters, especially Jeremy Renner who is given a lot more screen time as Hawkeye, with added backstory and a neat surprise in which his family is brought to light, it’s a sweet and relatable twist I didn’t see coming. Newcomers James Spader, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor Johnson are superb, each bringing intrigue and presence as well as new threats for the Avengers. For such a big film, it’s a wonder how Joss Whedon continues to weave solid storytelling and an army of characters with such effortless panache without flopping under the weight of these mighty heroes and extreme scope.

With Oscar worthy visual effects, jaw dropping 3D effects and some truly stupendous action shots, one that sees an unbroken take of the entire assembled team fighting against Ultron’s army inside a chapel, Avengers Age of Ultron is another epic Marvel hit and a whopping piece of blockbuster entertainment that never has a dull moment and keeps you hooked for it’s chunky but necessary runtime.


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