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Guardians of the Galaxy slammed into theaters last year, earning 774 million dollars at the box office. The movie payed homage to and hinted at multiple Marvel characters and comic books. Howard the Duck, Adam Warlock and the like. There were also some pretty nice cameos from James Gunn, Tyler Bates (the film's composer), Rob Zombie, and Nathan Fillion. For those of you who missed him, he voiced this guy:

Poor guy really let himself go... at any rate, the Easter egg is something relating to another one of Fillion's works that I found the other day while watching the film. Remember Rocket's really big 'moon destroying' hadron enforcer? Here it is, in case you forgot:

This sucker was AWESOME, it almost put a dent in Ronan's armor. It did destroy his hammer, however, so in the end it was what saved the day. After the Dark Aster crash-landed on Xandar, the gun was practically ruined, though. Its wrecked form looks something like this:

Sadly, this was as good a shot as I could find, though in the film there are some better angles of it. I find this to be a very interesting position. If you're familiar with the cult classic that Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion once worked on, then you should immediately recognize this. In case you aren't a fan of Firefly, allow me to elaborate.

Look at the unique bridge and the rounded body. The engine nacelles look very similar, and the colors match. While it's not a perfect replica, it seems to me that James Gunn threw this in on purpose to reference the other team of outer space outlaws. Maybe it was just a lucky mistake, but I think that it's safe to assume that nothing in Marvel films is done on accident.

Did Guardians of the Galaxy really put in a reference to Serenity? Or am I just seeing things?


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