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Jamil Wright

With the Mad Titan Thanos slowly but surely coming, here is why I think he will be the best Marvel villain ever.


If you've seen Thanos in action in the comics you know how powerful he is. Mostly known for his Infinity Glove, Thanos is powerful even without it. Being known to have knocked out the Hulk and Drax without it is a very impressive feature. Not to mention him killing all of our favorite heroes and the universe right along with them. Also seeing him in Guardians of the Galaxy saying this is very intimidating.

Russo Bothers

So my next reason are the Russo Brothers. With the success of Captain America: The Winter Solider, and their upcoming film [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), the fact that they are the ones that are gonna show Thanos in action on the big screen should be something everyone should get excited about. They brought the seriousness to the MCU with how they portrayed Bucky A.K.A The Winter Soldier so no doubt we'll see the same thing from Thanos.

Build Up

With Marvel building up to Thanos by making cameos in every other film, his build is necessary. From sitting in that chair to watching and seeing everything, Thanos will be the Avengers downfall. When you hype up and build up someone like this they MUST be impressive and no doubt Marvel will impress. I mean after all he finally has his beloved Infinity Glove.

Comic History

In the comics as I stated before, Thanos has killed all the Avengers and the entire Universe. Knowing Marvel they don't always go exactly by the comics so this possibly wont happen, but to see if any of the Avengers die or who they team up with to take down Thanos is something everyone is anticipating. Not to mention Captain America's famous scene from the comics that we all want to see.


Do you think Thanos will be Marvels best Villain? Let me know below.


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