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I have read all of the Maze Runner books, including the slightly less popular prequel, The Kill Order. There is a new book coming out, The Fever Code. And in honor of that, I though I would write something about the next movie, [Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials](tag:1142567), that I am already outraged about.

Just by the trailer, I can tell how much they changed in the movie already.

First off: The trailer reveals a man (who was supposed to be wearing a crisp white suit) telling the gladers that they wouldn't last a day in the scorch.


The man (again, who was supposed to be wearing a crisp white suit) was supposed to come in, when the gladers were nearly starved to death, after their saviors were found dead, and give them food before telling them the next part of the trials were coming up. The Scorch.

They would have to go through a flat-trans (basically a portal) at 6 o'clock and be taken out to the scorch. Anyone who didn't go would face the consequences of being left alone.

Second Problem:

In the trailer, the setting that was the scorch was shown. There were toppled buildings, and cars that looked like they had been blown up.


The scorch was supposed to be a barren dessert. Where the gladers had to walk a few days before they even came close to a building that Teresa was trapped in. Oh, speaking of Teresa, she was supposed to have been kidnapped from the "safe place" right away.

She was seen running out of the "safe place" and into the scorch with the rest of the gladers in the trailer.

So there's yet another thing that was visibly wrong with the movie.

In the trailer, there is a very dramatic scene when Thomas runs, and slides under a closing door.

Which didn't happen! Again, Flat-Trans, people!

And all of this only happens in the beginning, so I'm kind of nervous about the rest of the film.

I'm not even completely sure if I want to go and see it.

Should I? Comment below, and tell me if you're going to see it?

Thanks for reading.


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